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Culture is a very significant tool for human survival that has derived its root since the creation of human being. However, culture is a fragile and dynamic tool, as it keeps on changing and can be easily be lost if not preserved well. Distinct culture groups have diverse rich culture that they proudly preserve over generation. As a result, I have decided to choose my group based on curiosity about different religion involving different races. My culture group of desire is a Caucasian non-denominational church based on pre-conceptions growing up in a Pentecostal church. Caucasian culture is the traditions, believes, practices, dances and music as well as dressing of the Caucasian followers which are generally universal among them.

I was invited by a coworker to church after learning about this assignment. I discussed with her that I wanted as much details in advance about dress and the order of the church service. During the experience, I notice how different the service flowed from what I was use to. Every section had a time schedule and the schedule was followed down to the minute. I noticed a lot of people looking at me probably wandering if I was out of place. It is also worth noting that I realized how calm and soothing the service was compared to the fire and brim stone sermons that I was used to. I consumed a lot of educative message from the cleric and observed many times, throughout the afternoon, some people watching the clock and their watches. I was told that this was due to families trying to beat the Baptist’s Churches to the various restaurants in the area.



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Consequently, I can now get a mental picture when dealing with families as they discuss their experiences from their perspectives about religion. In addition, I can replace those pre-conceptions thoughts with knowledge from that experience. I’m intrigue now, to visit different churches, because I know how much religion plays an important role in most families and the society in general.

Things that I Observed During the Church Services and Activities

  • Communion in black churches are held less often and not taken by all depending on the relationship with God and others in your life. If you are not pure in this area (holy), baptized, or you haven’t done church wedding and you are married, you are not authorized to take communion.
  • Dress in Pentecostal churches is very unique when compared with other churches; followers wear suits and dresses, but are not obligated to wear pants
  • Music in Pentecostal churches is more uplifting, and often, worship services have drums and praise team leading that part of service.
  • Pentecostal churches has sister churches that are divided in districts in the state and often have programs in which sister churches come and visit. For example, the church that I attended had one church in the state.
  • Non-denominational church worship service was sung from hymns in which the program dictated which verses were going to be sung.
  • Also, this church did a lot of community volunteer work that I liked because it reached out to the community. Some of the social responsibilities that this church undertook are; helping victims when the tornado came through, feeding the homeless and helping out a kid that was fighting for his life due to cancer.
  • Moreover, In Pentecostal church, concrete direction was placed on tithes during offering time. Explanation was given discussing how this 10 percent shows how if you give to God he will continue to bless you enormously.
  • Sitting arrangement in non-denominational church was anywhere, but specific places were designated for the servers who took up the offering. What is more, Pentecostal church certain areas are designated for the deacons, missionaries, but others followers have their seat that they seat in every week and outsider might offend them by sitting in their sit.
  • Prayer part in Pentecostal church is usually intense compared to the calming voice of the chosen person that week to give the prayer in the non-denominational church.
  • The people in the non-denominational church would often meet up and have dinner in the main hall after church which they called pot luck. Pentecostal church would do this once or twice a month.
  • The service throughout the week was about the same with having prayer during the week and has different groups during the year which often discussed managing money and communication with others.

How Will your Experience Impact your Future Professional Interactions as an Educator or Counselor Serving Members of This Cultural Group?

Learning a new culture especially the group I choose was one of my greatest privileges that introduced me to a new experience. The Caucasian followers are generally regarded globally as minority or low income earners, but despite this negative view on this culture, they are playing a social role like cooperates do (cooperate social responsibility). This is a vital experience that I will also admire applying it in my professional field.

Moreover, the act of having a diner mutually shows a great between the followers, and this is something that can create motivation in the professional field, especially when comes to juniors and senior staffs interaction. Management of money and communication in equitable and openness is another significant factor that creates followers confident on their offering. By creating a debate on how to manage money, followers are given a noble opportunity on what they want to do with their offering, unlike other churches where such issues cannot be discussed. As a result, in my professional field, I will be proud to apply this by ensuring that in every demanding and key debate which will have a big impact in the near future, I will include all the stakeholders to participate and play their part fairly.            

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How will you Continue to Develop Competency in Working With Members of this Cultural Group?

Though during the preliminary day I felt like a stranger, the more I continued attending the church I gained more confidence and I started interacting with other members freely. This signifies that the more I will attend church services, the more I will be welcomed by group members. In addition, abiding the church rules and regulation is another aspect that will greatly assist me to gain more competence while working with members. Lastly, since I was invited by a church coworker, it will be easier for me to get familiar with more members, since the coworker is a renowned person in the church.


Caucasian culture is one of the well preserved cultures across the globe, since its preamble. After attending the Caucasian church, I came across many good experiences, which I can apply them during my professional field. Some of the significant experiences are; good leadership, love and caring as well as social responsibility. Apart from good experiences, I also came across some outdated aspect within the Caucasian culture, such as feeling bad when a stranger sit on their desk and women not wearing panties. However, despite been characterized by many as unique culture, there were some slight features which matched with other cultures, like taking a communion (a communion has some steps, which have to be fulfilled by a follower to be allowed to take part; this routine is practiced by many churches across the globe).


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