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Buying things is not a good way to solve emotional and personal problems. This is because such a practice does not eliminate problems. People should understand causes of their problems and change their tactics to solve them. This article will consider life experiences such as taking medicine to lose weight, shopping for happiness and buying a lot of toys for kids because their parents have inadequate contact time with them.

The first case is where Apple considered losing 10 pounds by taking medicine since she was too chubby. She lost the weight in two weeks but the weight increased to a level much higher than the initial value. She should have considered changing her lifestyle if she seriously wanted to become healthier. This includes quitting desert, eat less fast food and doing some exercise like jogging and swimming.

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Natasha was shopaholic. She would shop for the staff she didn’t need every time she was depressed thinking that this could have made her much happier. She attributed the bad mood to her late arrival at work and unfriendly co-workers. She could have sorted out these issues by paying more attention to her work schedule, making some memos and not inconveniencing her co-workers. This could have reduced her bad mood and increased her savings.

Finally, parents who lacked enough time to spend with their kids, probably due to work should not buy toys for their child to make up for them. Even though they get back home exhausted, they ought to have found some time to communicate with their kids and understood how they faired during the day. This includes sharing part of their lives too. More communication strengthens relationships between parents and children.

Therefore, it has been established that buying things is not a solution to every problem. Instead, people should understand the causes and remedies for their problems in order to generate solutions internally. Money will only provide surface-value solutions to problems.


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