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Some people go through life hating how they look like and wishing they could have a different body, and those who have the means will do whatever is necessary to correct the features they detest. The most sensitive stage in development where body image is an issue is adolescent, and many factors contribute to body image issues. I agree with authors on body image and an adolescent, when thin is too thin and how men feel about their bodies. I disagree with the authors on All to be Tall and Smooth Operations. Body image issues plague women and men alike, may contribute to depression, anxiety and unhealthy eating disorders all in an effort of getting the body shaped, they believe is appropriate.

In the first essay by Jillian Croll on Body image and adolescents, I agree with the writer’s point of view that body image is shaped by emotions, physical sensations and is not static. According to research, most girls have body image issues after they hit puberty compared to boys at the same age. The author could have explained more on how the boy image perception differs at different stages of adolescence. The essay does not cover well the influence of self esteem and self evaluation on body image. Teenagers go through a lot of hormonal changes that cause hormonal imbalance in the body. An adolescent who is confused by the changes captivating position in the body may develop low self esteem as they try to deal with identity issues. I agree with the author on the contributing factors like media, because most teenagers will use the images put across of a perfect body to determine their self worth. The author could have intricate on other contributing factors to body image perception in teenagers.

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According to Eric Wilson’s essay entitled when is Thin Too Thin there is an alarming trend of fashion designers using very unhealthy looking models on the runways. The models look famished and deathly pale, which is a contrast, of the beauty and health they are supposed to be portraying. I agree with the author that fashion designers are contributing to very unhealthy and life threatening behavior among the models and aspiring models. The models will go to extreme lengths to maintain the extreme thin look to make sure that they land jobs with the designers. Having thin models is fine on the runway, but the famished with elbows and knees sticking out are not right. If most of the fashion event’s organizers would say no to this alarming trend, they can change the modeling scene. Most models will adjust their body sizes depending on what is in demand, in the market. So if, the demand for extra thin models diminishes, there will be no reason for them to try to be extra thin. I feel that the author could have elaborated more on the cause of this trend and the contributing factors that sustain it. Lack of positive role models in the society makes this trend has adverse effects on the youth. The celebrities who are role models to adolescents portray unhealthy body images as acceptable. If rules and regulations are put in place in the industry, they will control the designers and their determination on the right body size for the model.

All to Be Tall by Joe Kita shows the lengths people will go to in order to become taller even though just by a few inches. People go through painful procedures to have their limbs lengthened. I disagree with the author on trying to justify going through so much pain in order to get a certain job or position. If height is a barrier, to becoming what ones to be they need to reevaluate themselves and get something that suits their height. The amount of money spent on the procedures could be used in training in another trade, which does not discriminate based on height. The patients have to take time off work as they are bedridden for some time during the limb enlargement. The author of the essay could have explored the upside of being of short stature, instead of justifying this bone lengthening procedure. There is more to life than being short or tall there are people throughout history that have excelled in their specific fields despite being short.

Smooth Operations is an essay by Allison Samuel that explains cosmetic surgery and African American population. The claim that African American community has always accepted larger frames, wider noses and not so perfect features is not really true. Most of these people that the author has described do not have sufficient incomes to enable them have cosmetic surgeries to correct these features. Wealth African Americans can afford these procedures and will not hesitate to have the necessary adjustments to their bodies as long as they can afford it.

How men feel about their bodies by Ted Spiker, is an analysis of how men really feel about their bodies. I agree with the author when he says that men have issues with their body image and often choose not to talk about it. Society has conditioned men that they are not supposed to be bothered by such things, and they get angry at themselves for allowing themselves to feel bothered by their body image. In this age of liberalized era in which women are independent and have raised the bar of potential mates, men realize that they compete for women against each other.


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