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The term “organized crime” appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and carries a meaning of crime that is conducted by the group of people in more than one state, or a crime that takes place in one place, but is planned and controlled in another.

Examples of organized crimes that are mostly widespread in USA include crimes like drug trade, different kinds of frauds (insurance fraud, stock fraud, passport fraud), identity document forgery, people smuggling, and kidnapping; such organizations also provide illegal immigration and cheap labor, different kinds of trafficking (for example, arms and organ trafficking). Moreover, organized crimes include more violent crimes: murders (killing of the Yakuza) and assaults (the Nuremberg Trials). In addition to all this, the illegal organizations also conduct financial crimes such as money laundering, counterfeiting of intellectual property, tax evasion and copyright infringement (Bjelopera, 2012).

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As it has been mentioned before, organized crimes became widespread at the beginning of the 20th century (The Threat of TOC). It is also the time of globalization that has helped people and goods to move cheaply around the world, which created the good platform for the formation of these illegal organizations. Moreover, global communication has evolved child pornography and spread it around the world by means of internet. The usage of internet has made it possible for fraudsters and identity thieves to conduct their illegal operations (for example, money transactions) excluding the possibility of authorities tracing them. One more propitious factor for such crimes, as for example transactions of cocaine, is free-market democracies that make possible the transfer of goods with less control. Furthermore, problems of crime and violence are also associated with the growing number of young people in developing countries. Being in big cities without suitable financial and social support, youth is prompted to commit violent crimes. In addition to all this, unsuitable level of life in developing countries incites people to illegal immigration to more developed countries such as USA.

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In 2011 Obama Organization has announced its Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime and presented the fact that the issue of organized crime was never properly addressed and resolved. There is no single agency that is in charge of these illegal activities, but all crimes are shared among many federal agencies (Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime, 2011). FBI conducts the big amount of operations to reduce the level of organized crimes. For example, the operation Black Eagle has found a small Albanian network of heroin. According to the increase of immigration in USA, its government now keeps the issue of entry visa under the tight control that must help to reduce the big stream of illegal immigrants. Furthermore, FBI agencies work on elaboration of ID code and credit card systems to make it more protected from fraudsters. Besides, there are different programs that try to control and reduce the organized crime (for example National Gang Intelligence Center and the National Counterterrorism Center conducted by Congress). These organizations are responsible for giving information to the authorities and helping to combat the rate of crime.

Although USA government works intensively on the issue of organized crime, it should pay more attention to the organization of the proper system of single agencies charged for this kind of crime that will make the authority work more effective and productive.


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