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Every large or small company dreams of reaching their top productivity. Investing in the employee’s work skills training sounds like an efficient way to fulfill this dream. There is no question about should one or should not invest in employee training.  Question is: should it be the only thing to invest into?

There are plenty of other equally valuable ways to improve productivity. Improving work skills of employees is one of the most popular. It is indeed quite important, although, not a single most important thing. For instance let’s take an average office worker, who sits all day in front of his computer, and has a printer and scanner by his side. If this person comes in for the job with average skill set, when it comes to computers average typing speed, training would not hurt. If this person learns quick and efficient ways to process documentation, type up reports faster, than he or she will be able to accomplish much more through the work day. However, there is a certain limit to which human skills can be developed. After that limit trainings become inefficient, except seldom ones to catch up with developing technology.

One can invest in development of employees all he or she wants. However, developing employee’s skills to the limit and letting them wait for about half an hour until the computer loads up or processes piece of data, is far from efficient. Other investments, such as capital or technology are almost equally important. Speed at which computer processes information, how many times paper in the printer gets stuck up, and scanner distorts the image: it all matters just as much as typing speed.

There should be a fine balance between key things that make up quality of work. Depending on the line of work some companies need to invest more in tech, others - in employee’s work skills. It is up to a manager to decide the right ratios for each.


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