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The service members of the VA are always helping, eligible and Veterans surviving spouses always become the homeowners. As part of the mission in serving, they provide home loan guaranty benefit and also other housing that is related program in buying, repairing, adapting or building a home for their own personal occupancy. The loans from the VA are always provided by the private lenders, e.g. the banks and the mortgage companies. The VA guarantees portions of the loan, enabling lenders in the provision of more favorable terms (Wright, 2009). Generally, all the veterans use VA Home Loan that is guaranty benefitting was required to pay a fund fee. It then reduces the cost of loan to the taxpayers and considers the VA loan which does not need down payment with no monthly mortgage insurance. The fee for funding percentage of the loan amount that varies basing on the loan type and the category of military, when you are first-time or the subsequent loan user, and if the down payment was made. Also, availability of the financial option with VA funding fee or payment done in cash form, however, the funding fee should be paid at the closing time.

Whether a person feels new claim or the person continues appealing, the procedure of receiving adequate in disability and rating from VA and is challenging to the best. Most of the veterans always have been the fighting claims for one, four or ten years. Now, when filled up with the answers to the questions that pass valuable information and personal experience (Simerson, 2011). United States also provides an extraordinarily wide range of the benefits that the Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic stress disorder, which was incurred or also aggravated through their service in the military. The department of United States of Veterans Affairs (VA) that provides benefits to all the veterans that VA determined suffer from the PTSD, that developed resulting from their services in the military, and which interferes to an extend in the ability to work. The benefits do not include the tax free payments in cash and also include free or the low cost treatment mental health treatment and the other healthcare; vocational services in rehabilitation; the employment assistance; and the independent living support and many more.

The United States government is long recognized and need in providing the disability and compensation in veterans for the health problems that are associated with the military service. Post traumatic stress and disorders is common in type of the health problem that the veterans request for disability compensation. The VA pays disability compensation to veterans with services that are connected, for most instances, would provide a free mental health and care for veterans (Barkley & Mash, 2006). The disability for compensation paid to veterans because of injuries and diseases incurred. Veteran Affairs provides mental health care for veterans and encourages the veterans in seeking treatment of the PTSD. Treatment may work, and the early treatment might be helping in reduction of long-term symptoms. Also, the veterans can access VA’s 200 in specialized PTSD and treatment for the programs after they obtained a referral.

Veterans who have worked in Armed Forces may be accredited to state and, federal gains in education, employment, training, pensions, health care and disability compensation. For instance, Veteran affairs department can entice their clients by applying compensating the workers through perks and benefits. The organization can syndicate health insurance with other organization perks. This benefit may include unpaid vacations with family and guaranteed paid holiday’s time. This will significantly entice more clients to the business. However, the decision to cover for these benefits is majorly dependent on the success of your organization. If effective strategies are not put in place, such offers can easily send the company into bankruptcy. As the company grows, it will attract more customers and thus more perks to offer. TO avoid such crises, the company can come up with an effective strategy such as adding health insurance and paid time off to the benefits only after the organization records profits (Mayer, 2009). This will ensure that the company retains its excellent performance; it is able to balance between its losses and profits. The company can use the money to that it could have used in adding benefits to its client in stabilizing its self. Though this may discourage some clients, it will do substantial justice to the organization.

Strategic planning is defined as the process of assessment where organizations are presently, ascertaining all the challenges and the opportunities presenting themselves and determining on what destination that it is the most desirable and the way to get there. The process enables, for example, the legislature and the governor, to clearly understand their state now and where they want it to be in the future. Basically, the strategic will indicate to the state leaders on more lucidly what the state and government’s or any other agency’s overall missions, its objectives and goals, its programmatic or strategic activities and resources like, technologies, facilities etc. The strategic planning is found in the military sense, ancient science of the warfare (Mayer, 2009). The military campaigns and the battles are also referred to the historical literature as a large-scale stratagem and confront engaging the enemy. Nevertheless, the strategic planning in management and the administrative context as modern process and concept identified with the public and corporate arenas. With regard to the public planning, the municipal governments were first when it came to the engagement and in putting together with the written formal documents for identification of objectives and the ways used to achieve them.


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