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Free «Change Agent Interview» Essay Sample


In this interview, the Head of the Social Services Department provides his understanding of the change agent concept explaining how he had decided to become a change agent (Phillips, 1983). He also discusses his greatest hopes as the change agent in the light of the Social Services Department (Senior and Swailes, 2010).

What Is Your Job Description?

From Stacey (1996) and Watkins et al. (2000), as the Head of the Social Services Department, my job is coming up with the guidelines and standards that are applied in the administration of the social service programs being in line with statutory requirements. I also oversee the community needs’ assessment processes and establish the programs that will alleviate the identified needs (Tushman et al., 1988).

How Did You Become a Change Agent?

Apparently, most of my tasks are concerned with serving the community. From Cooperrider and Srivastva (1987), I should get to assess people with several needs and come up with the programs that will help to alleviate the community needs. This, therefore, requires that if I become the change agent with the purpose to help improving these communities, as indicated by Kotter (2011). Besides, I am also charged with the responsibility of leading my department, which, therefore, calls for the establishment of effective programs that will assist in improving the activities of the whole department (Grezov, 2008).  



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What Is Your Understanding to the Concept of the Change Agent?

A change agent is a person who identifies the effective strategies that could be applied to transform a situation to the better one (Anderson & Anderson, 2001). For instance, while looking at the community context, it might be difficult for them to attain some services, but after intervening into such situation, it now becomes easy for them to attain such services (Connor and Stackman, 2003).

Being a Change Agent, What Is Your Greatest Hope?

I hope to see an organization that is purely grounded on the change agent concepts. As noted from Collins (2001) and Marshak (2005), the organization that stands alone while being instituted on the change agent work and the scenario according to which people can freely engage into life-changing initiatives for the benefits of the community. I would also love to see my department offering the best services to the community that initiates effective strategies to deal with the identified needs.


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