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What is our everyday plan? How do we spend our holidays and free time? Have you ever caught yourself on a desire to want more, to earn more, to have more? We all are working people, somebody is a working unit in a big corporation, somebody is just growing plants, but what unites us more is the contemporary desire to spend more money on goods we think we need. Where do we take this idea from? The idea of improving life by the use of widening our needs and satisfying them has to be the object of detailed investigation.

Nowadays we often hear the notion of corporation. Corporative policy, corporative party, corporative way of thinking… Corporation is the collective of people called shareholders who do their business as one whole unit and on the legal level it is treated like one person. Let’s move deeper and study it like a person. In the movie Corporation we found out that a corporation if looked at as a person can resemble us the psychopath. The purpose of creating the phenomenon of corporation was actually the intent to do well for people, serve their needs, to produce valuable goods etc. At the end, what we see now is really disturbing situation. All we have mentioned, for example, is the information on the cloth’s labels. Things we use to wear are mostly done in China, India, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Honduras etc. The cheapest labor on Earth and low quality of life make countries of the Third World welcome big industrial companies as their saviors. What do they get? There are children who work on those factories, extremely low salary and bad working conditions. The policy of a corporation is to earn as much money as they can, it is the only priority. CEO is one of the biggest companies that is working only for the growth and prosperity of the owners. As the result of their functioning and enormous growth we have dangerous products, toxic waste, pollution, synthetic chemicals, animals’ habitat destruction, experimentation, deadly diseases etc. At the present days, the corporations are bigger power than even the government. Now the shareholder, for example, of the oil company can decide problems on the national level. A corporation can buy rights for water, even rain water as it has happened to Bolivia.

The situation with the smog in California made the state persist in developing electric car. (“Who Kill the Electric Car?”) The General Motors Corporation has developed them, went with them on the markets and found the consumers who were willing to try this innovation. From the beginning this operation was doomed for closing. If we consider the fact that the oil industry is the biggest industry on Earth, how such power could let their amounts decline because of smog in California. The business bases on the rules of competition, if one has better goods, the other can lose a lot of money. At the end, electric cars were withdrawn and destroyed. The disturbing fact in this question is that the state supported the corporations. If the government is the hostage of situation, who are the ordinary people?

The USA is known for its big military power and if we trace the history, we will see that the root of it is The Second World War. At that time president Eisenhower began to develop weapon industry (“Why we fight”). Till now these kinds of corporations work close with Pentagon and Congress; they decide what weapon to produce, who will provide military services for the Army. If we dig deeper, we’ll find the information of the first American corporations which were helping the Nazi during the World War 2 (“The Corporation”). So, now we have the conflicts of interests. The corporations like IBM, Coca-Cola etc. which helped the fascists and at the same time military companies which helped to design weapon against them. Is it ethical?

Everything and everybody sell: people, nature together with services and goods. There is no ethics in treating the planet like this. The hurricanes, tsunami, floods and other nature’s breakouts are already the collateral damage the corporations have produced towards our planet, people and all living beings. The result is the possible extinction of Homo sapiens as the species. The corporation in itself is a doom machine of the humanity all around the Earth (“11th Hour”).


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