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Free «Why This Kolaveri Di» Essay Sample

Why this Kolaveri Di is a Tanglish (Tamil + English) song from a yet to be released Indian movie that went viral on Facebook and Twitter and gained a worldwide recognition. From the time it was uploaded, there have a record 15 million views and more than 7 lakh mentions of the same.

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The quirky lyrics of the song coupled with the laid back attitude of the singer (actor Dhanush) and the conversational tone of the song have spread like the wild fire. The song is believed to have set a new trend - adding a ‘u’ sound to the end of English words (Jenkins et al, 2011). The curiosity aroused by the word “kolaveri” and the virality of the video have made the song a rage, not only in India but all over the world. There have been several flash mobs spread across the world performing to the tunes of Kolaveri Di.

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So popular is the song that it found a special mention on the British Broadcast Channel (BBC), an internationally reputed news channel, and several other critical acclaims. The actor’s fame has reached new heights, and the 21-year-old debutant music director has carved a niche for himself in the world of music.

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The song is about a man who has been betrayed by his love, he is asking her the reason behind such a ‘murderous rage’ – Kolaveri (India Today, 2011). The appeal lies in the conversational tone of the song and the funny lyrics. Listeners were scrambling to know the meaning of kolaveri; the other lyrics of the song are on a light note and strike a chord with just about any person who listens to the song.

The viral marketing strategy used is creative and appealing and has gone a long way in providing the much needed publicity for the film. It has been able to break all the barriers and reach out to people of all ages and even different nationalities.

People would pass it on for the sheer pleasure of listening to the catchy tune and lyrics that do not seem to leave the mind. The simplicity of the song and its rendering connects with the masses and gives it the much needed X-factor to be a video viral. 


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