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Free «Digital Ethnography Project: Case Study Shalom Television» Essay Sample

1. Describe Shalom Television, the type and nature of programs offered?

This is a catholic religious television channel that provides a range of religious programs every day throughout the week to people in U.S.A, AU, UK, UAE, and to people globally through the internet. It provides programs on religious activities like holy mass, novenas, and prayers among others. It has only religious programs to build the faith of Catholics worldwide. The programs can be live or watched as a collection of videos through the interface on the web page.

2. How does the use of Religious Television affect the practice and understanding of the religion?

By providing religion on mass media technology, it is hoped that more people will listen or watch the programs and thereby accept the appeal to become members of the churches through the local churches. The programs are of an appealing nature to persuade people to accept faith in God as a way of life. Some of the programs address issues of social responsibility which concern all citizens in the country and it is aimed that as people are exposed to such programs an interest will be created for doctrinal religious teachings in the telecast.



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3. Who is the target audience for the application and when would it be used?

The programs in this telecast concerns the practice of the Catholic religion but anybody who can access the channel can watch them.

4. Did using this application enhance their understanding of the religious practice?

Despite the fact that this TV channel offers diverse programme not many people are interested so much enough to watch all the programs provided. The result is that there is not much difference among people on their understanding of religious practices. However, among individuals there are those who frequently testify of how they have been able to understand their church well through this channel.

5. What are the advantages of these kinds of applications in religious practice?

This is a mass media technology that is able reach many people at the same time. This is especially very helpful to those who love church programs but are not able to make it to church due to various problems like diseases, nature of job like medical and nursing care; or got late to church for any other reason, whether justifiable or not.

6. What are the disadvantages of these kinds of applications in religious practice?

This kind of application can make people not to go to church for services especially rising up on time so that they get to church since they can watch it at home in their comfort zones. The concentration level they can give if they were physically present in church is reduced.

7. Did catholic churches accept watching holy mass at home through electronic Medias instead of coming to church?

Catholics still go to church to attend mass instead of watching it at home. This is because there are so many other benefits which come through attending mass services in the church. The fellowshipping together brings a sense of togetherness and belonging that one cannot get at home. At church you can make friends, see the priest for any clarifications, give your testimonies and observe several other things taking place in and around the church. The TV only focuses on the mass leaving so many other things at the church.


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