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Free «Family Dynamics» Essay Sample

The psychological state of a students at school is very imperative in promoting their academic performance. Student’s connectedness to school and academic excellence depends on a number of factors and one of them is family dynamics. While the school environment is important in creating a collaborative atmosphere for learners, the students’ background before they get into the school is very important. Such issues like domestic violence and other family issues have a significant effect on the way the child performs at school. State of family dynamics refers to the social and emotional perspective of a family or the qualities of a family set up a student comes from. It also shows how parents relate and work towards having a stable family for the benefit of all, especially their children. Broad factors from students’ disciplinary policies to instructional quality and the morale of parents greatly influence student’s academic performance.

An unstable family background diverts the attention of learners. A family with positive perspectives creates a most favorable setting for a student’s learning and performance. Family nature and dynamism act as stabilizers for students both academically and emotionally, particularly when they accept the change in their lives. On the contrary, it becomes hard for them when they do not accept. This means that, a family can prepare students to face future through learning with courage. Most family dynamics present resistance to students and it becomes difficult for them to connect well and advance in their education. Students end up in a discouraging state of learned helplessness where there is a feeling that regardless of how hard they work, they will in the end fail and, as a result, most of them lessen their efforts. Family dynamics is one of the main contributors to the failure of the students to connect well with the world around them and to succeed in education. Therefore, student’s performance at school is a multifaceted process that draws in number of factors including family dynamics. The environment in which a student lives directly affects his existence and performance at school.


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