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English originated from England but now it is widely spoken throughout the world. It is one of the most effective tools of communication and most common language used by different individual groups in the world. English can be analyzed as a way of communicating information, and means of verbal exchange of ideas. (Graddol, D. 1997, pg 8. Text 1) In this diverse world English is a prerequisite for job, education, internet and computers usage, this is due to need for a good command of English.( Crystal,D. 2001,pg 121. Text 4)

On historical background and significance of English language, we can start off by referring to the native English speakers; mainly the West Germanic dwellers. (Graddol, D. 1997) It is widely spoken in all parts of the world and mainly the British Isles, USA and commonwealth nations. English can be categorized as the native language that is most spoken after Spanish and mandarin Chinese. The collapse of Soviet Union left US as the only standing super power influencing its command of English. .( Fraenkel, A. Haill,R. and O’Riordan, S. 2002,pg 25, Text 3)

Strong economic backgrounds and need to expand the business empire resulted to USA overall increase in the trade relations with other super powers after World War II. To ensure that business was quick and rapid they had to influence others to understand it so as to ensure good communication in marketing, sale and promotion. (Crystal,D. 2003, pg 87, Text 2). Financial institutions have also ensured the spread of English, example, the International monetary fund (IMF) and other financial institutions like World Bank that were founded in US (Graddol, D. 1997, pg 8, Text 1)) . These two institutions regulate international relations and assist in centralization of market regimes. Also most world institutions have used English as their working language; US created subsidiary organizations to boost their economic growth. . (Graddol, D. 1997, pg 8, Text 1) sites that; English is used by over 85% of international organization resulting to its permanent dominance.

Control of transport operations internationally necessitated use of a common language to ensure efficiency in water and air transport, US set projects to ensure good navigation means in earlier years by use of “seaspeak” which promoted trading of commodities. (Crystal,D. 2003, pg 86, text 2) Scientific revolutions in US and publication of its findings in English language as also created a wide range spread of English. (Graddol, D. 1997, pg 9,text 1) Through science US made sure that English was essential in experiments and discoveries that they used to publish books for global use. Publication of different adventures and experiments from US contributed to overall dominance of English. (Crystal,D. 2003, pg 87, text 2)

In conclusion we find that the strong economic bounds surrounding the United States of America resulted to the dominance of English language and to its worldwide rapid development. English has been used by variety institutions to trade and communicated with their competitors and partners.English has enable internet (ARPANET, Advanced Research Projects Agency network), this asa assisted in worldwide network coverage and linkage of institutions all over the world.( Crystal,D. 2001,pg 121. Text 4) English has also become a source of entertainment and has boosted the industry through industries like, Hollywood, music industries and other interactive media.( Fraenkel, A. Haill,R. and O’Riordan, S. 2002,pg 25, text 3) All these originate from US economic development which has made English a dominant language.


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