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A man was shot and killed by the police on Sept. 16, 2011 outside a bar when he was tying to stop a fight by firing up in the air. The 32 year old Richard Comat was at the bar with friends watching the Washington Redskins on television, when some rowdy patrons broke a fight that spilled outside the bar. Comat tried to stop the fight that his friends had also got into. Witnesses said that Comat drew out his pistol and used it to scare the instigators of the fight. According to the police who arrived at the scene when the fight broke out, Comat shot his pistol at the car of the instigators of the fight that was speeding away.

Comat was shot at once by the police killing him instantly. The officer who had been with the local police department of public affairs for seven years claimed that comet was at the time of the incident, hiding behind a car and was shooting at the approaching cops. But his relatives and eye witnesses said that Comat only shot in the air once. “He shot once in the air to scare people away. He didn't aim it at anyone.” His brother Brian said.

Comat was a guy with unassailable optimism, since he only played the lottery each week without fail. In the past he split the purchase of lottery tickets with his co-workers and the winnings were shared evenly among them. He also shared portions of his previous winnings with his family and has been a good member of the society. “I can’t believe he’s gone. My little boy… it’s shameful the way they shot my boy. He never hurt nobody.” His mother who was not present at the scene of the shooting said. His friends and family describe him as happy-go-lucky since he liked playing the lottery. Despite being rated by Lottery officials that his portion of the winnings had amounted to $1.9 million, his love to watch the Washington Redskins brought his success to a deadly end by a trigger happy police officer.


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