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Oklahoma State’s University Football Team has existed for over a century but it was until 1980s that it started gaining some national recognition (Knapp par.1). It is argued that the Team’s former coach, Pat Jones has played a big role in ensuring the success and good performance of this team. During his leadership, the team received the name ‘Tailback U’ standing for its tremendous performance. Knapp reports that the current coach, Mike Gundy, has led the OSU Football Team in becoming one of the best team at the nationally, after winning the Big 12 in 2011 for the first time in history. Therefore, OSU Football Team has proved one of the best performing not only in matches but also in all of its sectors.

The team led by Coach Mike Gundy since 2005 up to date is in the process of establishing itself as one of the main college football competitors (Knapp par. 2). It has participated in 18 bowl games, five of which have been played within the last six years. In total, the team has managed to win nine-conference championship. Historically, the team started gaining recognition in 1980s when the current team coach Gundy was a player in the team. Together with other players such as Barry Sanders, the team enjoyed a period of great success, including four of the ten win seasons in school history. In 1988, a period that came to be the best period in the history of the College football, Barry Sanders led the team in setting the college football season’s records. As Knapp reports, during this time, Barry emerged as the best season’s player thereby the winner in the Heisman Trophy.



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Latest reports show that OSU Football team is still one of the leading teams in the ongoing league championship. As Jones reports, the team kicked off with a 20-14 victory against Kansas on 13 October (par. 1).However, Jones argues that the team’s coach Gundy, found it painful and hard to watch the difficult victory, as he expected it to be an easy win.

“It was a struggle and also painful for me to watch the difficult match. We have been lucky for a number of years. It is frustrating for me to see the players struggle so hard to win and yet that is my background,” said Gundy (Jones par. 3).

Helsley reports, in the last five years, OSU has managed to win the league championship with two losses including the year 2010 (par. 3). Despite starting this league with one loss, the coach team together with his players is optimistic they will definitely come out as the winners.

“We are going to win every single game, and we feel like we have the ability to win every single game,” said the teams’ Center Epstein Evan in a interview after their first game in the ongoing championship league” (Helsley par. 4).

Teams such as West Virginia and Kansas States, which are the rival teams to OSU, are currently on top of OSU in the ongoing championship league. However, as Helsley reports, Gundy is confident his team will come out at the top, come the end of the two months’ season.

“West Virginia and Kansas State have made it to the top early, but it is very early to know the outcomes of the game,” said the team’s coach” (Helsley par. 6).

Apart from being a top performer in the fields, OSU football team has recorded significant developments in other areas over the years. The team plays most of its matches in Boone Pickens Stadium situated on the OklahomaStateUniversity grounds in Stillwater. According to Knapp, the stadium is over 80 years old, but because of regular and extensive renovations, it is in a good condition (par. 3). Currently, the stadium is regarded one of the best campus stadiums in the nation, and it has a sitting capacity of over 60, 000 excluding club seats and allowances. It is also argued that the team has constantly renewed their players’ salaries and currently, it is among the best paying football teams in the nation. This is the main strategy the team’s coach, Gundy has been using to keep his players committed towards achieving the team’s goal. According to Knapp, salary increment is the main strategy the former team’s coach Pat Jones used in keeping best performing players, such as Barry Sanders from being outsourced by rival football teams. It is also argued that Gundy is always on look for upcoming football players to add to his players. According to Jones, Gundy incorporates the upcoming players and coaches them to become the future best players of the team (par. 8). Through this strategy, the team has never lacked performing players at any particular time.

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In conclusion, it is clear that OSU Football Team is one of the best football teams in the nations. It has managed to win several conference championships and holds the Heisman Trophy, which was won by Barry Sanders in 1988 as the best player of the season. In the ongoing league championship, the team remains hopeful that it will emerge the winner despite starting with one loss. The team’s strategy is significant including outsourcing and training new member with the hope of making them the best. Apart from various conquests in the field, the team has also made significant developments in other fields such as stadium renovations.


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