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Free «Mitt Romney for United States President» Essay Sample

The Presidential position is a commonly coveted post by individuals seeking to gain power and control over a nation. The position exhumes supremacy and responsibility for a whole nation. However, not all individuals are well matched for this position because of the strain and effort the position exerts on an individual as well as the ability to make sound decisions. It is thus vital for presidential candidates to be well equipped for the duties that come with this power. A number of basic characteristics are expected from individuals looking to be elected into this office. Among these is the ability to be a leader, a communicator, a problem solver, and an excellent listener. The argument here is in favor of Mitt Romney, a Republican nominee vying for the position of the United State President (Romney for president Inc. par. 1). The focus is on his unique aspects as a leader. In essence, it is the identification of the basic features making Mitt Romney desirable for the presidential post.



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Mitt Romney is overly accredited for his excellence in business. He has an admirable potency as a businessperson, a feature that distinguishes him from the other candidates in relation to economic concepts. The president is often responsible for the country’s economic performance and growth. Overly, a country’s economy usually influences its development; having a first-rate economy attracts investors and contributes towards the increase of the country’s GDP, a factor that benefits the nation. Additionally, the country stands an opportunity of having a competitive advantage over other nations in the global market field. To achieve this, the president should exhibit excellent skills in decision making on the factors that will enable the nation revive its economic state. Focusing on the recent setbacks in the United States economy, the nation should select a leader that will help revive this situation. Mitt Romney appears to be the appropriate candidate in this aspect because of his commendable skills in business matters.

Consequently, in selecting a suitable presidential candidate, it is fundamental to identify the individual’s experience in leading. Choosing a candidate with experience in a leadership position goes to reassure the voters the individual is aware of the tasks and responsibilities that come with the position. In essence, Mitt Romney portrays excellent abilities in this aspect. Essentially the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney has also been in the run for the presidential position ever since 2007. Prior to this, Mr. Romney has exhibited excellent skills in being a good leader; in 1977, he served as the CEO of Bain & Company. During his leadership, Mr. Romney helped the company in prevailing over its financial predicament. In addition, he has been identified as a co-founder of a vastly profitable investment organization. Mitt has notably served in a presidential position in his home vicinity as a stake leader. These attributes contribute to his experience as a leader. It is appropriate to say that Mitt Romney is set for the presidential position because of the vast experience he has had in the various organizations (BBC News par. 2).

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Presidential positions go along with the ability of an individual to resolve issues. Mitt Romney has portrayed notable characteristics in this aspect from the vast experience and exposure he has had in his life in various organizations. For instance, in the Bain Company, he resolved the fiscal crisis and helped the company to grow. Being a problem solver is a common aspect of leadership. In essence, the president is normally responsible for resolving the issues facing the populace. When one is chosen to lead, people expect him or her to handle the different relating issues ; for instance, improving the economy, generating opportunities and setting an example. Mitt Romney appears to be effective in this aspect.

Being an efficient communicator includes the ability to have good relations with other people. Presidents are normally charged with the responsibility of representing their respective nations in an assortment of settings. This is usually evidenced in interstate meetings. Through such gatherings, the president builds beneficial relations. In such instances, an individual is required to have excellent communication skills, which help to build these relations. Mitt Romney in his run for office is seen to be implementing this aspect. The New York Times reveal his attempts in trying to win over voters by persuading them to join his campaign (par. 2). Mitt Romney is outwardly trying to petition with voters by presenting his objectives for being elected. In his battle for the presidency, Mitt Romney reassures voters of reviving the United States’ economy. This is ostensibly an achievable goal considering his success in business. He presents a feasible argument for his candidacy and deserves to be elected in this respect.

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Education is also a vital component for any individual seeking to be elected as president. Seeing this is a top position with many responsibilities, voters should select a candidate with proper education. Mitt Romney qualifies in this respect in a number of ways. First, he possesses a BA from Brigham University and a master’s degree from Harvard University in business administration. He has also been issued with a number of honorary medals by different institutions of higher education. Proper education means that Mitt Romney is well equipped to handle the nation’s issues in a diplomatic comportment. Education plays a key role in the way an individual addresses matters. In this context, national issues are a vital concern for any presidential candidate. The ability to deal with them requires one to be subtle and able to handle the varied personality composition of the populace.

Mitt Romney portrays the abilities of being an excellent listener. He has an aptitude to identify the nation’s needs and areas of improvement. Whilst a number of presidential candidates address similar issues of concern, Mr. Mitt Romney appears to be noting different vital areas that require to be addressed. The focus he has on the economy for instance is a unique perspective. By improving the economy, Mitt Romney is aware of the impact this will have on the nation as a whole. For instance, it will provide opportunities for the populace to invest in new markets as well as improve the quarters of education and health care. To identify these areas of concern, Mitt Romney has taken his campaigns to different social sites. These sites enable him to interact with the voters on a private level from which can view their most pressing concerns. This strategy has enabled him to design his policies in a way that tackles and provides possible solutions to the problems. It is vital for leaders to listen to the people they are seeking to represent. This is because it creates a sense of being heard by the people and provides a platform for the candidate to interact with the populace (Romney for president Inc. par. 3).

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Summarizing I would like to mention that the presidency presents a powerful leadership position. Individuals seeking to represent their nation while serving in this position are required to possess certain characteristics and personality traits. For instance, a good education is the key. Selecting well educated leaders ensures the nation’s matters are being handled in a diplomatic way. In addition, candidates are required to portray excellent skills in communication, listening and solving issues. Mitt Romney appears to exhibit these traits and more. Compared to other candidates vying for the same position, Mitt Romney stands out in a major way that qualifies him as the most apt candidate.


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