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In the picture we can see a 62-year-old Jean Michel Cousteau which holds the fin of the great white shark in the waters near the coast of South Africa. The main aim of this picture is to unveil the myth of extreme danger of this big oceanic predator. The white sharks are endangered species and to ascribe to them all the horrors of underwater killings is as narrow-minded as consider each dog which has ever bitten a human to be a bloodthirsty killer.

Our film industry released hundreds of movies depicting white sharks killing people, attacking boats, and presenting a constant danger for all the living beings who go anywhere near to them. However, such depiction is very far from truth.

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It is a well-known fact that these sharks often do the ‘bite-tests’ which rarely lead to fatal outcomes. These ‘bite-tests’ they conduct with flotsam, surfboards, and buoys, too.

Other incidents include white sharks attacking surfers from below. This happens because sharks often perceive surfers to be seals which are rich in protein and fat, that is why they are the main food for these predators: Humans are too thin and bony, and sharks show the behavior of either disliking human’s flesh or just finding too unfamiliar. One bite for them is usually enough to find out whether this is a good food for them or not.

Nowadays, these species are highly-endangered due to the increase in fishing. Unfortunately, very little is known about the real status of great white sharks, but their vulnerability is now globally recognized.

Fishermen destroy many of them for their teeth, fins, jaws, and just for fishing in general. However, white sharks are rarely targeted for commercial fishing, though their flesh has some value. Natural threats for these sharks are orcas (‘killer whales’ as they are called sometimes).

Each species on our planet is precious and, therefore must be treated properly. Such people as Jean Cousteau help our nature to thrive including us, as we are its inseparable part.


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