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The I-Teck XS is a brand new technology. It is a new smartphone of the twenty first century, developed for common use by consumers. It was designed by the US based I-Tech Company, which specializes in manufacturing rackmount, military, marine and industrial LCD monitors (I-Tech Company, 2012). As the company's field is designing cost-effective products, it appears that I-Tech or its investors are funding the project.

The I-Teck XS features many cutting edge ICTs and developments. Firstly, it makes it possible to stay connected to people with many convenient functions. Navigation is made user friendly. It can be done with the help of visual icons that are designed with the best customer solutions. Updates can be checked from all social and RSS sources simultaneously. Twitter, Facebook, CNN can be accessed easily through the smartphone. Page loading is fast because of new navigation features. Tabbed browsing helps to have many pages open at once. Multimedia applications are easy to use and can be linked with other functions. Publishing and viewing videos is very easy with the help of in-built YouTube application.

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Secondly, I-Teck software enables to get various functions – both for fun and for business. Applications allow accomplishing more tasks. They also provide for faster operation and help to save time. Home screen panes allow the customer to get his favorite applications and content whenever he likes. The new application switcher provides for effective multitask operations. I-Teck XS has a top-quality digital camera that allows taking fine resolution pictures, recording videos and organizing them with ease. It is very convenient to personalize the phone with themes, games and social networking applications, which makes customer feel comfortable using it.

Thirdly, I-Teck XS smartphone is supplied with a powerful battery that ensures long time operation. It provides 4.5 hours of talk time. That is quite a breakthrough solution for smartphones, since they use much energy to support their operation.

Lastly, I-Teck sync software allows easy synchronization of the smartphone and PC in order to add, remove or edit applications, run backups and restore files. Moreover, this feature is indispensable in case of glitches, system failures or other faults.

The project assessment was performed by professionals who ensure the compatibility of I-Teck XS with PCs. Further, it is customer’s turn to decide whether they like to use the product or not. It appears though, that the I-Teck XS is an innovative product designed for common use and for customers with no special technical background. The device is developed to combine many functions, such as quality navigation, a well thought-through system of applications, a high-quality battery and a fine digital camera. Moreover, it has all chances to become a desired product in the market in case it is sold at the competitive price.

Overall, customers positively view the new smartphone due to user-friendly interface, ‘sleek’ looks and easily accessible functions. The fact that the I-Teck XS has a camera, Internet applications and phone features combined in one piece makes the device very attractive. Exploring its functions more and more, the customers will decide if the smartphone has them all conveniently arranged, which will help to promote the gadget.


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