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As time passes, everyone is getting more and more worried about what would happen to the food in future. It has generally become an important question, which has not got any clear answer yet.

Industrialization is a great factor that leads to the lack of food; this situation is expected to reach severe levels in future. The governments of different countries are now putting more efforts on industrialization in the name of developing their countries(The Future of Food, 2004). However, this has brought about the rural-urban migration, which has resulted in reduction of human power in the rural areas. The fact of migration will definitely lead to reduction of food supplies, since the food produced nowadays is not even enough for the present population.

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In the future, food will basically depend on climate that is seriously affected by global warming and the greenhouse effect. The result of global warming directly corresponds to the reduction of food in the nearest future (Cusp Conference, 2008)

Furthermore, global warming makes seasons occur when they are not expected. Sometimes they come earlier or later, confusing the farmers. The fact of season change, in turn, leads to poor production of food (Reingold, 2006). The farmers do not produce the needed amount of goods, thus affecting the usual production pattern.

The government should, therefore, start to put the necessary measures to prevent the future problems concerning food, for example, try to help the farmers to predict the future. The needed amount of money should be spent on developing a strategy, which will make it easier to study the climate and provide the farmers with knowledge of predicting the seasons’ change. There should be also found an alternative solution that includes irrigation, in case of unexpected drought, to save food production from any unexpected misfortune in the future.


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