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This insurance mandate requires all citizens to buy insurance or face a sanction. A lot of politicians have supported this mandate, and a tough decision is faced by the judges handling this case. It Heritage Foundation supported the mandate, Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole and Mitt Romney who implemented the insurance mandate in Massachusetts also upheld the mandate.

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 It is noteworthy in that the insurance mandate regulates how people pay for services they are sure they will use in a given point in time. This insurance mandate will bring the uninsured to the insurance market due to the penalty threat to those who do not pay.

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The mandate is also within the authority given to the government by the constitution. Bob Cole supported the insurance mandate saying that it will control costs on health care (Liptak 38). It is widely supported because it also avoids the problem of free- riders where by the uninsured benefit from contributions given by those who pay insurance.

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Without an insurance mandate, there will be a cost shift from the uninsured to the insured. The people who do not participate in the insurance market leave enormous medical bills in hospitals, in turn the cost of medicine goes up which also leads to an increase in insurance premiums (Radelat 14). Hence the insured somehow pay for the uninsured.

Individuals who do not pay for insurance will take a free ride without a mandate, and this is unfair for those who are paying insurance (Dauglas78). Some are not insured even if they have resources to subscribe to e insurance, when need arises they get medical care and the insured in one way or another ends up paying for them.

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