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Among the seventeen amendments provided I choose the 21st amendment ratified on 5th December 1933. It was ratified to repeal the previous 18th amendment. The 18th amendment prohibited the manufacture, transportation and drinking of alcohol. It originated from the increased suggestions in the national congress to make alcohol legal. I chose the 21st amendment because it carries more weight and significance in the growth of the United States of America. The 21s amendment also exposes a great level of uniqueness since it ratified an already existing amendment. It was therefore the most conspicuous amendment and it appealed to me more.

I value it the most since it enabled the United States raise the moral standards which had deteriorated during the era of prohibition. Additionally, the 21st amendment helped eliminate the increased cases of theft, illegal sale of huge amounts of alcohol as well as corruption. My proposed amendment is on the salaries and allowances for the legislative members. The salaries shall not be increased by more than 20% within a term before the civil servants’ salaries are increased with the same ration. I justify it because the government is notorious of increasing their salaries at will before the civil servants salaries are not reviewed.

The results of the study presented by Frederick Jackson Turner’s exposed the significance of the American history and more so concerning the census exercise of 1890. His studies showed that in 15 states there were at least 5 million people aged above16 years who were counted in the 1790 census. While in the 1890 census there were a total of 75 million people accounted for. The most interesting statistics was the super increase within a period of 100 years only. In the 2010 census there were at least three hundred and ten million people counted. The outcome evaluated against the 2000 census taken was at least 10% increase.

The 2010 census gave the highest percentage ever recorded since the initial 1781 census carried out. Since 1781 at least 200 years ago, the population had multiplied exponentially. The subsequent census exercises in the 1790, 1890 and 2010 taken show a rapid non-uniform increase. The above comparative results show that as the years increase, the United States population increases immensely. Therefore, the future population is expected to double with unprecedented estimates of millions. The probable reason for increased populations is immigration and fertility rates.


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