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This is a novel written by the American Author Scott Fitzgerald and was first published in the year 1925The setting is in New York, on the Long Island’s North shore. This book is basically about love circles and lifestyles of the actors.


The story is revolves around Jay Gatsby who is just a poor man that struggles to make a fortune. On his missionary work in the army, he endures the lot of struggles in order to achieve his objective. However, he meets Daisy, a rich lady with many boyfriends. Daisy lives a lavish life to the extent that she goes ahead to marry Tom Buchanan. On realizing that Daisy loves lavish life, Gatsby goes beyond his means to get money, to the extent of dealing drugs in order to get Daisy back He realizes that Nick Caraway is Daisy’s cousin and thus wins him to his camp to help him get Daisy back.

This brings us to the relation where Nick Caraway is describing his cousin Daisy. He expresses the fact that Daisy is a person with ambitions to get rich but sometimes gets mixed up for the sake of true love. This is evident where Daisy confesses to be in love with Gatsby but at the same time still in love with her husband Tom Buchanan. This, as a result, places Gatsby in a dilemma of whether their love that existed five years ago still exists (Fitzgerald, 1925).


From the story, Gatsby is seen as a determined man who endures everything to win his love life back. He goes to the extent of buying a house in Daisy’s neighborhood so that he can use the social parties to get close to her. He is; however, not selfish and inconsiderate when he denied his poor parents on his way to the rich land. His money is not earned in a good way since it is purely from the drug business. He spends the same money lavishly by throwing expensive parties around all for the sake of winning Daisy back. This makes depicts him as an evil man because he is trying to break a marriage.  He even makes Nick support him in destroying the marriage between Daisy and Tom through spoiling him with the much money that he has acquired from the drug business. Most of his actions are seen to be immoral just for the sake of love (Fitzgerald, 1925).


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