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It is natural for one to develop feelings whether positive or negative. Emotions define our human nature. Nature operates in wondrous and mysterious ways. In most situations, individuals develop certain emotions without a valid reason. The Yellow Wall Paper a literary work by Charlotte Perkins Gilman briefly outlines therapeutic depression management through the narrator’s perspective. The yellow wallpaper acts as a reflection of the emotional changes the narrator experiences. The brighter and well-defined parts corresponds with positive feelings that the narrator projects. While the dull, blurred portions of the wallpaper emulate the sad feelings that the narrator conveys. The writer has a devoted husband. John offers unlimited support to his dear wife so that she gets better. Some of the healing methodologies portrayed in the book depict real life treatment for mental disorders. However, the effectiveness of some of the healing regimes discussed in the Yellow Wall Paper raises controversial debate among critics worldwide. The three basic depression antidotes outlined in The Yellow Wall Paper include serene, secluded environment, medication and proper, positive company.

Studies reveal that Seclusion is perfect therapy for depressed patients. John moves his wife to the countryside where she can find a peace and inspiration. Some individuals develop nervous breakdown as a result of partaking in strenuous mind blogging activities. Going into seclusion assists patients in meditation and a reconstruction of their nervous system. Moreover, the therapeutic effects of social isolation assist patients to calm down and relax. During their stay in the country house, John insists that writer attains enough rest prior to indulging in her normal activities. In some cases, doctors recommend social isolation to most depressed patients. This form of therapy assists patients in internalizing their current emotional state consequently reverting the negative feeling and adopting positive feelings. Over the years, serene environment has proven to be an effective therapy in the treatment for depression.

At the exposition of the Yellow Wall Paper, the narrator gives a brief description of the medication subjected to her. In most instances, doctors prescribe antidepressant medication to patients suffering from a nervous breakdown. Antidepressants eliminate mood disorders creating a constant state of the patient’s nervous system. The implications of anti depressants vary depending on the level of the mental disorder. John the husband of the writer insists that she takes her medication so that she can commence with her writing. Most doctors combine different forms of antidepressants to increase the effectiveness of the drugs. The response of patients also varies. Some patients take at least two weeks to respond to medication while others take several years to start responding to treatment. Generally, employment of medication plays a critical role in the management of depression.

Eventually the writer tears down the yellow wallpaper. Whenever the narrator is, alone the wallpaper tends to mirror her worst fears thus deteriorating her emotional state. Sometimes it is relevant that individuals suffering from emotional disorders keep the company of people who can relate to their emotional state. The writer feels lost and confused with the absence of her husband John. However, whenever John is around she finds comfort and peace. Studies reveal that some mental patients require supportive individuals who will empathize with their situation and offer solutions to their nagging questions. Effective management for depression requires that patients keep the company of happy and optimistic individuals in order to alleviate their disfigured emotional state. The yellow Wall Paper proves to be an incongruous company for the narrator. In its presence, the writer’s emotional state worsens. However, after tearing it down the writer’s emotional state improves. Good company proves to be an effectual therapy for depression management.


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