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Human beings undergo different experiences in their lifetime. People wish to forget some experiences, but also would like others to remain engraved in their memories. However, the human mind has an ability of reminding people all experiences, even those that people wish to forget. Human experiences are responsible for shaping people to who they are. The beauty of human experiences is that they may seem unrealistic. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that some things can actually happen until they happen to us. However, it is not until one undergoes the experiences that the beauty of life is unveiled. Otherwise, one would be living a facade life. Human experiences make people realize that no matter how people may be different, they are all human beings; hence, they deserve love and care of others.

There are numerous experiences in life that make people reflect on the value of humanity. In a documentary entitled Human Experience, the viewer experiences different scenarios in a real situation. The documentary depicts what means to live in different circumstances that are not only outrageous, but inhuman. However, it is through such experiences that the viewer realizes that all human beings are significant and deserve love and care. The actors intermingle with people in real life scenarios that make them so vulnerable that one would dread the thought of being part of the cast. For example, the actors spend time with homeless people in the streets of New York City. To make the matter worse, it is the coldest time of the year, yet these people sleep out in the cold for days. One may not realize the suffering which people undergo in some of our cities that claim to be the world business centers until they have a one on one experience with the reality itself.

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Sleeping out in the cold may seem a harrowing experience for one who undergoes the experience for a day or two. However, for such people, the experience is what they undergo throughout their life. Indeed, children are born in such circumstances and grow knowing no other home. To these people, the basic needs, that we usually take for granted, are a luxury. Every day, people awake from their comfortable beds and go on with their daily chores. They are lucky to have had a meal the previous night. However, few people spend their time pondering on those who might not have had a meal the previous day and are sleeping out in the cold. The experience of sleeping out in the cold on an empty stomach is harrowing, to say the least. Having encountered such instances, the person is then able to appreciate what one has, and they are willing to share food with those who are in great demand of it.

There are other people who take the state of being healthy for granted. Every time when one wakes up healthy, he/she should have a reason to thank their creator. The value of being healthy is only realized when one comes to the hospital. These institutions are full of people who suffer from all types of diseases. Some are groaning in pain in the wards, and occasionally, the morgue attendants would be called for a ward bed. A life has been lost. The documentary also shows the actors going to a hospital where children with special needs have been hospitalized. This gesture reverberates once again in the back of our minds and questions of our attitude towards the mentally and physically challenged in our midst. These are people who are suffering from ailments that they may not have control. However, few individuals in society take time to socialize with such people and indulge in their daily experiences.

As the old adage goes, experience is the best teacher. Human experiences are there to teach us what to do and what not to. They also awaken our inner self and arouse empathy towards a particular cause. The final journey of the cats in the documentary shows their visit to the members of a leper colony somewhere in Ghana. The people of this community have been considered outcasts simply because they suffer from diseases such as AIDS; hence are viewed as misfits in their communities. One may think that the world has become civilized and advanced to the extent where victims of such deadly diseases as AIDs are no longer considered outcasts. However, despite the high prevalence of the disease, there are still places where those who suffer from it are no longer accepted in society. Unless one has intermingled with such marginalized people, it would be difficult to accept whether such things exist or they are mere innuendos.

The theme that can be garnered from the different human experiences that were undergone by the actors in the documentary is that the significance of life is only unveiled in the experience. Despite the differences in our social status and background, all people are human beings who deserve to be loved. After one has undergone a particular experience, they realize that they really have a certain contribution to make in order to improve the lives of others. It does not matter how little it will be. However, it will go a long way in ensuring that the marginalized people in our society, the homeless, the sick, the physically and mentally challenged, the hungry, the orphans, to name but a few, all feel loved and part of the community.


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