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The Renaissance period (1500-1550) encompassed one of the most outstanding periods in the history of art. The period saw the revival of interest in learning Rome and Greek ancient values. Two great masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance period dominated the period; Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Leonardo as well as Michelangelo were painters (Motley). The aim of this essay is to interview the two famous artists from the Renaissance period and get to know how and why they carried out their work.

Interview with Leonardo da Vinci

Why does Mona Lisa smile?

Leonardo: It all depends from what angle you are looking at the painting. For example if you can keenly look at Mona Lisa’s eyes without focusing on her mouth, then you will realize that  the shadows on her cheeks are the ones that make her look like she is smiling. But if you focus on her mouth, the shadows will appear more clearly and she will look like she is not smiling much (aragon500).

Who do you think was the greatest artist, you or Michelangelo?

Leonardo: Everybody was great in his own ways. I am older than Michelangelo by 23 years. This means that by the time Michelangelo was born, I had already started establishing my career. However, Michelangelo did some great work and mastered the art of movement in his paintings with the use of color and lines. This had a great effect on grasping viewers attention. Take for example the vault as you enter the chapel; this is one of greatest works ever and thanks to Michelangelo (Motley).

What will you change if you were to paint Mona Lisa again?

Leonardo: Absolutely nothing. That is the painting of my friend’s wife and I know that is how exactly how she looked. He was really impressed with the painting that he never wanted to share it with anybody. If Mona Lisa were to complain, then I will think about it but for now it is okay with me.

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The painting was stolen and was wondering what your reaction to this is?

I understand that this is one of the greatest painting and people are likely to develop the urge to keep it for themselves forever. I’d prefer that the government takes over the custody of the painting but give a promise that it will keep it safe for other generations to see. With that, I will rest assured that it is safe for all generations to see.

Interview with Michelangelo

Who do you think is the greatest artist, you or Leonardo da Vinci?

Michelangelo: Leonardo da Vinci with no doubt. I am a newbie in this business and he thought me a lot of stuff. Apart from being just a painter, Leonardo is also a scientist, a painter, and a writer. He is simply a man who wears many hats. Take for example Mona Lisa, this is and will remain the greatest portrait in the world. I believe he is not only the most talented painter, but also the most talented man in the whole world (Aragon5000).

What job do you prefer; as a painter or sculptor?

Michelangelo: I love being a sculptor more than I love painting. With painting, one is put under a lot of pressure and I believe that “I cannot live under pressures from patrons, let alone paint.” I sometimes wish that I had dedicated my whole life as a sculptor rather than a painter. That is why I sign most of my papers as "Michelangelo, the Sculptor" rather than "Michelangelo, the Painter." (Ruehring).

What do you think of the Crucifixion (c. 1541) by Michelangelo painting?

Michelangelo: this was more of a personal painting that I did in my final years. I am a religious person and through the painting I was expressing my religious beliefs that were having a toll on my inner turmoil (Ruehring).

What will you tell Leonardo da Vinci if you happen to meet him?

Michelangelo: That he should continue inspiring the world with his wits in painting. That he is the greatest man I know and that he should consider painting again my Doni Madonna.  I am sure that he will make another Mona Lisa with it.


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