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There has been continuous discussions due to the contradicting standpoints of the government officials and the public regarding the issue of immigration. Former US President George Bush tried to persuade people to become more liberal when it comes to embracing the presence of immigrants in their country by proposing a guest worker program. The government officials are aware that the presence of immigrants has been beneficial to their economy. The immigration of people from Europe, Africa, and Turkey and within state borders started for quite some time already. However, talks about laws and policies surrounding their naturalization have become more stringent through the years.

The immigrants’ need for social integration and reform was heard in the early 90s. Nevertheless, the attempts to meet this requirement were made much later.

United States would greatly benefit from the presence of well-educated immigrants, which is reflected in its economic data. The country needs these people to strengthen its workforce through filling up various positions with qualified professionals who mostly happen to be immigrants. To attract more immigrants, US should create reasonable and fair immigration laws. This may not be the case all the time because there are illegal immigrants who cross the borders in search for employment – more on manual labor since their educational background and language barriers some what hinders them from performing at par with the residents.

The persisting debate regarding how immigration affects the economy is highly dependent on perspective. Different economic aspects are discussed such as GDP, standard wages, job creation, prices of commodities and taxes. Economic experts refer to several studies to support their statements.

The government’s inability to control undocumented immigration resulted in the rise of illegal aliens. Immigrants – whether legal or illegal – have had only slight impact on the employment prospects of longtime United States citizens. Immigrants get jobs, unpopular with many residents, which employers find difficult to fill. The impact of immigrants in the US is not considerable.

The scenarios on the impact of migration differs on what aspect of the society if affects. Although it a similar point is that the problem of illegal immigration has to be addressed through proper legislation and execution of these policies. US economy may benefit from the presence of immigrants if most of the immigrants are well-educated. The current scenario states otherwise because immigrants most likely get low-paid jobs, since they are willing just to take any job to escape from poverty in their native land. Although there is no considerable economic impact of immigration in the USA, cultural integration remains a greater challenge.

It is important to defend the rights of immigrants by respecting and supporting the idea of developing fair relevant regulative basis. Different opinions and then leads to the conclusion that immigrants do not influence the economic state of the country much, and the problem itself is rather overblown. Regardless of the economic effect, the rights of immigrants should always be respected. A program of social integration for aliens ought to be developed as both, immigrants and permanent residents, add to the benefits of the country. There has been a significant decrease when it comes to number of illegal immigrants residing in the US but the tension continuous to increase. Border official in Arizona have experienced several attacks from people who plan to cross the borders to seek better employment opportunities in the mainland.

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The US government implemented several policies to address issues on illegal immigration. Although the severity and magnitude of the immigration laws depend on the current administration. Bush and Obama have different strategies when it comes to addressing this issue. Bush provided amnesty to illegal immigrants by creating a gooiest worker program. Obama focused on detention of violators of immigration laws to a more humane and civil system.

Although you may hear the immigration terms of “status” and “visa” used interchangeably; it’s important to understand the differences between them. Status is the immigration classification that allows you to legally remain in the United States. It’s awarded when you enter the U.S. Evidence of your status is the I-94 Entry/Departure document, a white card stapled into your passport. This very important document determines how long you may remain in the U.S. If you have status, it may be possible to extend your stay in the U.S. A visa is an immigration document that allows you to enter the United States in a specific status during a specific period of time. A visa can only be issued by a U.S. Consulate or Embassy outside of the U.S. The validity date shown on a visa does not establish eligibility, nor is it an indication of how long you can remain in the U.S. Once you are in the U.S. in a valid status, your visa can expire without consequence; however, you will need new visa if you depart and subsequently want to reenter the U.S. at a later date. Citizens from all countries except the U.S. and Canada need a visa to enter the US in a work-authorized status.

Companies comply the US Government Laws when it comes with Citizenship. There are several companies who require employees to complete some necessary documentation to verify their immigrant status before they can start with their employment. The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services requires U.S. employers to complete an I-9 form for every employee. The purpose of the form is to establish identity and work eligibility in the U.S. When completing the I-9, the new hire must present original documentation that establishesemployment eligibility within three business days from his/her start date. Employees on temporary visas are required to complete an I-9 reverification with each visa status extension or change to a different status, i.e., F-1 to H-1B, or H-1B to Legal Permanent Resident status. Completing an I-9 reverification form will update our compliance records to reflect the expiration date of your new visa status document.

Assimilation may be voluntary, which is usually the case with immigrants, or forced upon a group, as is usually the case with the receiving host or country. Immigration, as held by some, is often thought to be in the interest of the economically and politically powerful elites more than in the interest of the weak. Where national groups are strongly urged to assimilate, there is often much resistance in spite of the use of governmental force. This may deem very necessary especially when it comes to the laws of the nation.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed suit this week against an Arizona immigration law set to take effect at the end of this month.The controversial law, signed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer in April 2009, requires local enforcement officials to stop and detain people upon reasonable suspicion that they are in the country unauthorized.It also makes it a misdemeanor in Arizona to not carry immigration papers. The law’s enactment prompted divisive debate across the country over the measure at a time when the U.S. Congress is looking to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

DOJ contends that the new policy is an overreach of state powers and may set precedent for state and local immigration policies that would “seriously disrupt federal immigration enforcement.”In its brief, the Department of Justice argued that the law would overburden federal agencies which, in turn, would divert needed resources away from “high-priority” illegal aliens suspected of terrorism and drug and gang-related activity.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who previously served as Governor of Arizona and vetoed similar legislation, also weighed in on the suit.Napolitano has requested an injunction of the state law, arguing that it would cause “irreparable harm.”

US have varying laws and these laws may be contradictory to the laws where these immigrants are from. They need to abide by the laws of the United Sates because this is where they reside now. The laws may still vary further depending on the State where they will live. They benefit from the US since they earn a living in this country, they use its roads and highways, and they enroll in public schools within their state and enjoy health benefits provided by the government so in return they will need to become one with the US country.

Migration is a taste of change. When these new immigrants enter the United Sates, the surrounding people try to change the immigrants into what their culture expects. Sooner or late the immigrants will no longer seem to be immigrants; they will seem to be similar with everyone else. When it comes to essential values like belief in democracy, the rule of law, tolerance, equal treatment for all, respect for the country and its shared heritage – then that is where everyone should come together, immigrant or non-immigrant. It is the duty of immigrants to embrace those values. Tolerance is part of what makes the United Sates.

Modernization is considered by some people as a threat to small and cohesive communities. I still believe that modernization has more advantages since it helps bring down cultural barriers and brings cultures together forming a global society. The traditional world of small communities will continue to provide people with their identity; however, many of their practices will be influenced by the outside world. The lives of the people in traditional communities are strongly dictated by their groups’ beliefs, values and religion. As the power of tradition weakens, people come to see their lives as an unending series of options; a process that is called as individualization. People become more open to change and may even question tradition, and start taking control of their lives.


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