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Prohibition of alcohol is a movement against the alcohol manufacturing, transporting, sale, and consuming. There were a plenty of the Prohibition movements in different countries and their regions. The reason was the beginning of the women’s suffrage. They strongly supported the policy of the Prohibition. It came from the moral persuasions of the Protestants. The reason was also the increasing rate of the alcoholism, the health decline of the whole nation. The movement was sponsored by evangelical Protestant churches. Alcohol has only one advantage. The limited consumption of wine or cognac does not cause any harm to the body. It has some positive influence.

Prohibition had a lot of positive moments. First of all, as the alcohol was not so available people spent less time drinking. They worked more. The work capacity grew up. People began to build and not to ruin. They spent their money with benefit. The most important positive fact was that the prohibition of the alcohol consumption influenced the health of the nation in a positive way. Especially, it concerted the next generations. There were also positive influences on the social life. The amount of arrests declined in more than 3 times. Most of the jells became empty. The negative was that people still wanted to drink, so people created the legal and illegal breweries in their place. Some of citizens held bars which provided the alcohol. So the law was strict, but still there were people who did not accept it.

There was a social Temperance movement which kept fighting against alcohol as a fact. The movement criticized the alcohol usage, promoted the total sobriety, or the enforcement of the government in order to create the limitations or the total prohibition of the alcohol consumption. Nowadays there is an Alcoholics Anonymous movement which supports alcohol addicted people in their striving to give up drinking. The difference between the Temperance and Alcoholics Anonymous movements is that the second one does not restrict, but uses the psychological methods of influence.


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