Free «Martin Luther King Fighting Racial Inequality» Essay Sample

One of the greatest minds and the kindest hearts of the 20th century Martin Luther King was fighting racial inequality through nonviolent means, as he believed that violence cannot possibly influence the decision of people as effectively and successfully as peaceful resolution.

In my opinion, if Martin Luther King was alive, he would be satisfied with the progress that African-American minority has made in regard to achieving equal rights, as nowadays the relations between white people and people of African descent have drastically improved, although there are still some signs of discrimination and disrespect present.

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The modern African-American community has all the rights to exist, develop, and prosper that every other community has. Comparing to the 1950’s and the 60’s, when African Americans suffered from horrible acts of disrespect from almost every white person they saw or knew, now they live as a fully functioning and equal members of the society.

Even though people who Martin Luther fought for gained their recognition and achieved equality, other modern minorities are still struggling with oppression, which would definitely disappoint Luther King. For example, one of the most famous modern social movements is LGBT. Of course, these people are fighting problems that differ from those African Americans were fighting against, as their movement is mainly concentrated on legalization of gay marriage, but still, as we all know, people should be equal, so if heterosexuals are allowed to marry and have children, homosexuals should too.

I believe that it does not matter what the struggle is about. If there is inequality between people of different race, gender, age, health condition, or orientation, something should be done to change the situation for good. From the example of Martin Luther King, the famous activist who has changed the world, we see that the civil rights movements need to exist as they bring harmony and wellbeing to our society.


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