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In the past 25 years, while the general incidence of suicide has decreased, the rate for those between 15 and 24 has tripled. It is generally considered to be the second or third most common cause of death among adolescents, even though it is seriously underreported.

Adolescents who are poorly adjusted specially those who have been making poor adjustments since childhood, tend to be most unhappy and persistently unhappy throughout the years of early adolescence. Their unhappiness comes more from personal than from environmental causes. They have unrealistically high levels of aspiration for themselves and when their achievements fall below their expectations, and when their achievements fall below their expectations they become dissatisfied with themselves and self-rejecting in their attitudes. Although all adolescents tend to be unrealistic during the early years of adolescence, those who are poorly adjusted are not only more unrealistic than average but also less likely to modify their aspirations.



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If, however, adolescents are able to solve the problems that face them with reasonable success and fee increasingly confident of their abilities to cope with these problems without adult help, periods of unhappiness become less frequent and less intense. By the time they reach senior year in high school and look and act more like adults that like children, happiness should gradually outweigh unhappiness, and the stress and the discontent that characterized early adolescence should have largely disappeared.

The greater happiness that is characteristic of late adolescence is due to the fact that older adolescents are granted a status more in keeping with their level of development than was true during early adolescence. They are, for example, given more independence and consequently suffer fewer frustrations. Even more important, they are more realistic about their capacities and set goals more within their reach; they use sustained and definitely directed efforts to attain these goals. They probably have built up a degree of self-confidence based on knowledge of past successes which counteracts some feelings of inadequacy that plagued them when they were younger.

If the controls provided by the environment are such that they permit adolescents to satisfy their needs, they will be happy provided their needs are realistic in the sense that they have the capacities necessary to meet them. Because most adolescents become more realistic as adolescence progresses, this explains why is that they tend to be happier and better satisfied with their lives than they were during the unrealistic period of adolescent.

Adolescence is often portrayed as a period of immaturity, instability and turbulence. For instance, teachers describe adolescence with terms such as raging hormones, “out of control” and having “lost all ability to reason”. (O’Brien, 2010) Such one-dimensional and essential zing view does not do justice to the very complex and often sophisticated development that individuals accomplish through their teenage years, when their identities, sexuality, cognitive abilities, social competence and ethical sensibilities, among other things, are evolving. By the time they graduate from high school, adolescents may have developed very adult capabilities as wage-earners, volunteers, leaders, and the like. (Schaefer, 2010)

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Regardless of the perspective, it is important to note that nurses should be equipped with the skills in handling adolescents who committed or planning to commit suicide since they can be a person of authority so more likely these teens will listen to them. (Videbeck, 2008) Routine conversations with adolescents about topics ranging from funny to very serious will make the tougher discussions about healthy and safe behaviors a more natural part of relationships during the teen years. Of course, this assumes that nurses should make time to talk and give their full attention—avoid multi-tasking or other distractions. Just as important as what they discuss is how they discuss matters with these adolescents. Aside from this, a holistic approach can be considered since the involvement of the family and the people around the adolescent can help alleviate the depression that they are experiencing. Parents must be willing to listen more and talk less. A respectful exchange of ideas reinforces your child’s healthy independence. And when imposing your authority, keep in mind that name-calling and/or cynical put-downs will shut down the communication process. If ever there was a time to pick their battles wisely, this is it.(Alfredo, 2009)

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As a psychosocial nurse, it is important for them to completely assess the patient holistically in order to see the possibility of the customer to commit suicide. Evaluations have to be conducted in order to come up with objective data which could be used as basis for their recommendations. A psychosocial assessment is an evaluation of the patient’s physical, emotional and mental health. It also accounts for the patient’s perception of self and his or her ability to function in the community. This type of assessment is composed of a series of questions to evaluate the patient’s overall wellness in several aspects. By being able to conduct proper assessment, psychosocial nurses can literally save people’s lives since the data that they have gathered and documented could definitely help in predicting the probability of the person in terms of committing suicide. Medical interventions and treatments could be conducted accordingly and appropriately if the nurse is able to assess properly.

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The overall goal of a psychosocial nurse to aid the patient in becoming fully functional equipped with right state of mind and disposition. A holistic approach provided by the medical practitioners including the psychosocial nurses can help the patient in recovering from any emotional trauma.


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