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Free «Modern World History» Essay Sample

1.      Write a short paragraph that traces the rise of Japan from an isolated society to a major industrial and imperial power. Use specific events that demonstrate that rise to power. Include at least five events. Refer to the rubric and scoring instructions on the next page to see how your teacher will score your answer.



Until the middle of the 19th century, Japan adopted a policy of cultural isolation. Throughout this period foreigners risked their lives if they tried to enter Japan and any Japanese who left the country was forbidden to come back. In 1853, end to isolationism policy was enforced. This policy made the Japanese people to embark on rapid social and economic change where they feely borrowed technologies from the western and adopted them to their own specifications.  Today, Japan boosts as one of the leading societies in the world as far as industrial development is concerned. So, apart from the enforcement of end to isolation policy, what other events or factors triggered Japan to rise?



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Defeat of Japan in world war two

When Japan lost world war two to USA, its empire collapsed and so it lost all of its oversees possessions. As a result Japan was transformed into a democratic nation with a revised democratic constitution. This period also saw alliances like United States Forces Japan being made between USA and Japan. The reason for this was that it was USA which was in control over Japan. It was during this period that the society of Japan was able to organize itself enabling it to improve and strengthen in its economic power.

Economic modernization

The industrial revolution of Japan started in 1870 when national leaders decided to catch up with the West. The Japanese government therefore improved roads, built railroads and formulated land reform programs to prepare the land for further development. This period saw modern industries appearing like those in textiles. The government also adopted the Western-based education for young people. As a result many students were sent to USA and Europe to study and more than 3000 teachers from Western part were hired to teach modern Mathematics, Science and Technology in Japan. Also a group of Japanese politicians made a tour to Europe and USA to learn Western ways. This resulted to a state-led industrialization policy to assist Japan catch up quickly. These factors greatly contributed to the economic strength that Japan poses now.

Wars with China and Russia

 Japanese intellectuals espoused the concept of a “line of advantage” which was based on the slogan ”fukoku ky%u014Dhei” that Japan would be vulnerable to attacks from outsiders if it does not extend a line of advantage beyond its territories. This made Japan strengthen its military power that helped to protect its economy when outsiders attacked. So its war with China and Russia made Japan the dominant power in the East.

After the world war one advantage

In 1919 after world war one; Japan attended the peace conference at Versailles where it received official recognition as one of the Big Five nations in the new international order. Thus, it joined the League of Nations and obtained a mandate over Pacific islands. Also after being involved in post-war Allied intervention in Russia, it occupied north Sakhalin which had oil reserves. These factors helped Japan to strengthen itself and they also contributed a great deal in the achievement of the industrial success of Japan.

Attachment two

  1. Write an essay that compares and contrasts the ways in which China and Japan responded to the West and describes how each nation’s decision to respond to the West affected its domestic and foreign affairs in the years that followed. Refer to the Student Guide for detailed instructions on completing this assignment.
  2. Type or write the essay below, and submit it to your teacher by the due date for full credit. Refer to the rubric and scoring instructions on page 2 to see how your teacher will grade your assignment.

How china and Japan responded to western influence and their impacts

As from the 19th century Japan abandoned their isolation policy but China sought to adapt it. This resulted in the two nations having different experiences with the Western influence. Their response to Western influence laid a foundation for their destiny in the world.

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For China, It was inward looking. It saw itself as the superior, self-sufficient and the only civilized country in the world. Chinese leaders encouraged its citizens to cling on to their traditions and their past way of life. Due to this fact they didn’t welcome the Europeans to their country nor did they see the importance of trading with them and the need for developing their country in terms of industrialization. What followed is that in 1800’s the Europeans made their way into china, attacked it and destroyed their isolation forever. After this encounter China was involved in four wars. The final war was from the Western that involved British, French, German and Us troops. Chinese leaders were forced to sign unequal treties and were compelled to open a number of their ports, seacoasts and its rivers to western people. Their land was extremely exploited by the Europeans. China was unwilling to to learn new ways from the Western and so this affected their foreign and domestic affairs in a negative way.

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For Japan it was a different case. Because they had ended their isolation policy they were open to foreign influences. Of course at first the Japanese rejected western invasion but later they accepted to trade with USA after signing the Kanagawa treaty. Gradually Japan became receptive to principles of democracy and liberalism. Later Japan was absorbed as a European colony after completely leaving their isolation policy. Japan reason of welcoming Westerners is that they wanted to learn their tactics in military and industrialization so that they can compete with them favorably. As a result of their cooperation with the Western nations their affairs both foreign and domestic improved greatly as compared with those of the Chinese people.

Attachment three

2.      Compare and contrast Emerson’s poem “The Snow-Storm” with Emily Dickinson’s poem “It Sifts from Leaden Sieves.” In what ways are their depictions of the snowstorms similar and different? How do the differences affect the mood of each piece?

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These two poems deal with snow. Emerson states the word Snow in the title but Dickinson does not. This makes Emerson’s poem a descriptive one and that for Dickinson a declarative poem.

The mood in these two poems is very different. The snow in Emerson poem is strong and comes out of the sky in a loud trumpet. In Dickinson poem the tone is cold and gloomy thus depicting its mood.

Since Dickinson does not show at first what he is dealing with he starts by building the concept. This process requires him to use kind terms that reflects the concept he want to drive home. This impacts greatly

Choose a poem from Whitman, and explain how it reveals Romantic thinking. Cite examples from the poem as your support.



This is a love poem written by Whitman.

The speaker in this poem is a lover. He has a hopeful and wistful tone. In this poem the lover has not found his sweetheart but he dreams and believes that one day, from the crowd, that person will come and they will know and understand each other more than anybody else. The title of this poem suggests that.

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There is also a suggestion in this poem that God will make it possible for these two lovebirds to come together as implied by the word “divine.” And after God has brought them together, there will be no other human relationship that will part or disconnect this wonderful union. “no parent, wife, husband, brother ,child”

In the last line the speaker’s hopes rise high. The line is “And when i meet you mean to discover you by the like in you.” This line depicts an affirmation of certainty. This is indeed a romantic thinking. Even before the speaker finds his lover he has started imagining how things will be, that this person will accept him, understand him, like him and appreciate him. By these words the two will become soul mates and they will resolve to be together no matter what challenges or obstacles lay ahead.

3.      Reread this quotation from near the end of “Walden Pond”:

Many a forenoon have I stolen away, preferring to spend thus the most valued part of the day; for I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days, and spent them lavishly; nor do I regret that I did not waste more of them in the workshop or the teacher’s desk.

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Explain this quotation. Be sure to address the “wealth” Thoreau claims, his use of that wealth, and his views of the workshop or school


In simple terms Thoreau is stressing the importance of taking leisure time. He equates leisure time to a kind of wealth and says that it is more valuable than money and the things that money will buy. So he finds it more meaningful to steal to go and have leisure. He also does not regret the times he spent playing lavishly in middle of the day. Thoreau uses the middle of the day to help us see how serious he is with this point of leisure considering how these hours of the day are more valuable. Though taking time off from other responsible duties might have prevented him from getting richer he has stored up a lot of experiences whose profits he prizes higher.


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