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A question of the world origin has been interesting the mankind through its history.  Before the first scientific cosmologic theories appeared, the curious people had already had the answer.  Almost every religion provided explanation of the creation of people, earth and everything else that exists. However, many scientists either avoid to discuss the religious topic or to refuse any religious belief explaining the world origin. Logic tells even the most atheistic scholars that there is something else, beyond the theory of evolution or Big Bang.  Moreover, some scientific theories would rather confirm existence of an intelligent super-force than override it.

Science and Religion

In the Mere Christianity, Lewis, who is renowned for his talent to popularize scientific readings, religious books, and a trilogy The Chronicles of Narnia, speculates on the subject of origin of the human morality. There are no legal acts that contain moral laws, but all people know them well since childhood. Though they often break the laws, it does not mean that the latter are inappropriate or impracticable. On the contrary, everybody knows their value when feels remorse for transgressions. Thus, Lewis concludes that the law of morality is inalienable from us and is granted to the mankind by the intelligent super-force.



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At first, in writing about the purpose of the moral law, Lewis compares it to objects of the material world. Thus, people decide whether material things are good or bad by their condition and usability. On the contrary, the moral laws tell people what is good or bad independently on the material meaning of events or their convenience.  For instance, the same act in different contexts can have opposite moral meanings.  A traitor is deemed immoral by both sides, because he betrays the one who used to trust him. On the other hand, if the traitor turns out to be a spy, the moral side of his work is highly appreciated by his compatriots.

Secondly, the mankind has been thinking about the universe, the world, and its appearance for ages. Though there are two basic theories on the appearance of the universe, scientific and religious, they both have many questions. The first, a scientific one, studies things through experiments and it is not clear when such an experiment on creation of the universe would be performed, or whether it is possible at all. On the other hand, the religious version of creation cannot be proved by scientific methods too, unless someone, the great mind that created everything, will let all people to know it in one or another way.

The author proves that if the Creator of the universe is behind it, beyond our reality, than he cannot or should not show himself to us. For instance, an architect of a house is much more that anything else inside it. Therefore, the only way for the great mind to be present in our world and maintain the Law on the Human Nature, is to be inside us—the presence of the great intelligence in the little creatures made after his own likeness. However, all people are different, as well as the letters that a mailman delivers into postboxes—everyone has got his own message in his mind and obeys it. Therefore, the law of morality that is inherent in us makes us feel guilty for something that we commit against the law.

In the book Quarks, Chaos, And Christianity the author proves that science is necessary to learn about the world around us. He examines relationship between science and religion in explanation of the material world organization.  For instance, the greatest Einstein’s admiration was about the possibility to understand the universe and its laws. 

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The author claims that the order of things that is present in the universe could not have appeared by itself.  Darwin’s theory of evolution alone is not capable of explaining the purpose of our existence and cannot answer other questions, like: “Why is everything in such an order that the universe works perfectly? What is the purpose of it? What are the odds that this could have appeared all by itself?” There are so many suspicious assumptions that everything happened by chance—life, the star that warms it, the exactly calculated equation of the forces that make the sun work, the forces that created it, and so on. All these questions lead to a reasonable supposition that the elaborated mechanism of the universe, perfectly set to its smallest particles, is saturated with the reason of a mind that has plotted all the machinery. Therefore, there must be a Creator of the universe existence and the human life. Paul David and Fred Hoyle, the non-religious scientists, admit that there should be an intelligent force behind it all.

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Science and religion should not conflict with each other. While the former tries to provide explanations of the material events of the world, the other represents the entire picture of our existence, including its reason and purpose, and answers the questions “Why?” that are beyond the sphere of a pure science. Therefore, such notions, as the moral laws inherent in all human beings, as well as the elaborated world that we are able to recognize, lead to the reasonable conclusion about existence of some great intelligent force after whose likeness the people have been created.


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