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Due to the health implications of smoking to second-hand smokers, smoking in public spaces should be banned. The primary objective of the intended research is to substantiate the idea that smoking in open spaces should be banned because of its threats to public health. Smoking is hazardous not only to the smoker but also to second-hand smokers due to threats of lung diseases. In order to substantiate this claim, the plan is to draw information from reputable primary and secondary sources that highlight the health risks and specific diseases that individuals could acquire from smoking and from ingesting smoke in public spaces where people freely smoke. The research will be argumentative in nature, which will enable the researcher to (a) establish objectiveness by discussion both sides of the arguments and (b) substantiate the thesis or claim by pinpointing valid arguments based on scientific evidence. The research is intended primarily for policy-makers – people in the proper position to create and enforce laws that ban public smoking – and individuals or groups who will be able to support and lobby for the cause like individuals who are health conscious, parents, individuals who acquired diseases because of smoking, and interest groups.

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The Research Process

During the research process, the researcher will attempt to answer questions related to smoking in public, like its effects on non-smokers, statistics about the number of people who acquire diseases due to smoking or exposure to smoke, the different diseases that people could acquire, and its impact on the health and lifestyle of patients and their families.  Data will be obtained by accessing and reviewing primary and secondary data that could be used to answer the research questions. Primary sources would be obtained by interviewing an individual with a disease attributed to smoking, statistics on the number of people who acquire those kinds of diseases, and journal articles from scientific publications about smoking and public health. Secondary sources will be obtained from three academic textbooks on the topic. The research will be organized by introducing the topic, discussing the ideas or arguments of those who support public smoking, discussing the ideas or arguments that are against public smoking by substantiating them through scientific evidences, and putting together all the ideas and emphasizing the thesis or the claim in the conclusion.


The argumentative research aims to prove that smoking in public should be banned due to its repercussions on public health. Drawing from primary and secondary sources, the claim or thesis will be substantiated through scientific evidence, which will be drawn via different research methods such as interviewing and analyzing existing data and literature about smoking and public health. The research will attempt to answer what the repercussions of smoking are, how it affects people, and the number of people who are suffering because of it. The research is intended for individuals who are capable of implementing policies or supporting this cause to increase awareness about the issue, which would favor the prohibition of smoking in public.

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