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Free «Smoking in public places» Essay Sample

Smoking is a harmful and addicted habit, because tobacco includes nicotine that is considered a drug making people dependent, therefore they cannot give up smoking. There is an ample amount of reasons why people start smoking. Some think that they will look older or cool. Others began to smoke because they see that their friends, acquaintances or even relatives do so. Nowadays, smoking is a prominent problem not only for a certain person but to the society on the whole. There are different opinions about smoking in public places. This question remains immensely debatable.

There are main factors why smoking in public places should be forbidden. The first one is an environmental factor. Smoking evidently contaminates the air, and it exceeds the pollution of any metallurgical or chemical factory in thousand times, and, of course, it causes a lot of rubbish directly.

The other essential point is the health risk. Smoking causes a lot of diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, cardiovascular illness, cough and many others. People who are smoking have the risk of infarct, and they have the risk to die earlier than those who are not smoking.



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A considerable problem is the passive smoking. It is an enormous risk for health even for those people who are non smokers. Being near the smoker is an inadvertent way of smoking. The smoke from the cigarette and the smoke that is breathed out by the smoker, as it was mentioned earlier, can lead to the variety of different diseases. That is why there is a substantial risk to become a passive smoker when one is in public place with the smoker. The advantage of the prohibition of smoking in public places would be that that it will preserve non smokers and, especially, children from passive smoking. Such is the point of view of the thumping majority of the people. But if to look at this problem from the other side, smokers have the equal rights with non smokers. The interdiction of smoking in public places will diminish the freedom of smoking people. They would not have the opportunity to satisfy their needs. For example, for someone, smoking is the best way to relax or to calm in a difficult situation. That is why the prohibition of smoking in public places is a contestable question.

There is a view that the ban of smoking in public places will stimulate people to smoke less or even to give it up, because, in such a cause, they would not have the opportunity to smoke at work, at the restaurant and so on. But it is only up to people whether give up smoking or not, because they can easily buy cigarettes at the supermarket and smoke a lot at home. One the other hand, it is still a relief for non-smokers.

Prohibition of smoking in public places force many restaurants, bars and clubs either separate their premises for smokers and non-smokers or forbid smoking or be out of business. People would not have the possibility to smoke in such places, so they would better stay at home. Not enough smokers will have the desire to go to non-smoking places. So, the profit of such organizations will be reduced.

Nowadays, some employers do not want to take smoking people at work, but it is not quite right. Cigarette smoking is legal and not forbidden by the government. People pay high taxes for that. So, they have the opportunity to choose, whether to smoke at the working place or not.

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It is an irrefutable fact that smoking is extremely harmful. To smoke or not to smoke is the choice of every concrete person. The question about the prohibition of smoking in public places is intensely controversial. There are many opinions about this topic. Of course, there are a lot of advantages of such a ban. Pollution will be less, non smokers will not breath cigarettes smoke, people will be healthier. But still, there must be the possibility to choose. All disadvantages of interdiction of smoking in public places affect those people who cannot give it up or who raise money on smoking.


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