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Free «Improving Educational System in the United States» Essay Sample

Education is very important in the life of modern people. It plays a significant role not only for a particular person but to the society on the whole. Without it, the society is close to a reverse. “Americans have always debated the quality and direction of their educational system, but in recent years the focus has been upon the best ways to measure and increase academic achievement” (“Charter Schools as Public School Reform”). American educational system is not so consummate as one may think. It has own advantages and disadvantages. The President of the United States said that “states will have greater flexibility to find innovative ways of improving the quality of learning and teaching, so that we can strengthen performance in our classrooms and ensure that teachers are helping students learn rather than teaching to the test” (“Weekly Address: Strengthening the American Education System”). According to Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist, “the world economy has indeed "flattened." Companies now digitize, automate, and outsource work to the most competitive individuals, companies, and countries” (“Manual on School Uniforms”). This is the main reason, why there is so high competitiveness between foreigners and Americans when they look for a job. Good education brings in high-paid work. So, a question what modern education must be is relevant and immensely important. There are some ideas how to improve the education system in the United States.



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First of all, teachers should be trained and highly skilled. There must be some courses that will help teachers all over the United States to develop mentally and to increase their level of qualification. At present, the profession of a teacher is not prestigious because of low salaries and high level of stress. Many professional teachers leave their work because they can get higher payments in the business sector. This problem should be solved through the increasing of teachers’ pay. Teaching is extremely serious profession. Not everyone who has profound knowledge can teach well. A good teacher must be not only very smart but also dedicated to his/her work. He/she also must have such traits as confidence, patience, understanding, dedication to excellence, unwavering support. To improve the education system in America, experts in teaching and learning must be involved.

Education starts and continues with parents, that is why more parents should be engaged in the process of studying. Parents must control their children, help them if they have some problems, inspire them for the further development and support them in every choice and all beginnings. By their own example, parents also must show children how influential education is. They must explain that good education will help to find a high-paid job.

One more idea how to improve the education system in the United States is the establishment of after school activities. It is better to attend some courses than to stay at home. One can visit drama or literary clubs. A student can be interested in art, handicraft and music or be fond of different kinds of sport. Such after school activities will help to become an all-round person. Daily sport activities also will be great. Physical education has a great influence. Through the competition during sport activities, young people acquire such important values as honesty, righteous play and abidance of rules. Sport also provides the opportunities for young people to investigate how to handle with both winning and losing. When you have the healthy body, you will have the healthy mind.

A form of dress-code should be adopted. School uniform will make young people equal and reduce social and economic misconceptions among them.. When everyone is dressed similarly, there is a chance that students will judge schoolmates for their character and personality instead of clothes. Also, it promotes school spirit and averts grudge. It will help to keep up the discipline and to resist peer pressure among students for buying trendy clothes. According to William Ellis, Long Beach police chief officer, "Schools have fewer reasons to call the police. There's less conflict among students. Students concentrate more on education, not on who's wearing $100 shoes or gang attire" (“Manual on School Uniforms”).

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School uniform helps kids and their parents to save more time, because there is no need of picking out some clothes every day. It helps to diminish expenses, as there will be no need to buy a great amount of clothes. It prepares young people for further life where they often need to wear uniforms, or at the least to dress appropriately or follow a dress code.

The United States education system still uses elements from the older Agricultural Age: the three- month-long summer breakwas intended to allow children to help during the harvest on farms.Instead of one long summer break, the United States could introduce several shorter two- or three-week breaks spread out throughout the year.The long summer recess can result in the achievement gap.

One more idea how to improve the educational system in the United States is revising of the school curriculum. Providing a basic level of education, it should include materials that will be useful in the future. At the same time, young people must be allowed to choose subjects according to their interests. Every institution of the education system in the United States must prepare students for their lives after school or high school, not simply for graduation.

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One more important thing is equipment. There is a great variety of subject-specific supplies that must be applied. For example, sports goods for Physical Training, maps and atlases for Geography, Science equipment, subject-related books, computers and others. All this equipment will help teachers to educate well and assist a student to become a highly intelligent person.

There are a lot of ways that can improve the education system in the United States. This process encompasses the following aspects: a satisfactory curriculum that meets the needs of students; teaching staff that constantly enhances its qualification; increase in the salaries for educators; every educational organization must be well equipped, and have the opportunity to provide a young person with all necessary tools; daily sports activities and after school clubs must be organized. After the following changes, the education system in the United States will be better.


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