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For a 25-year-old young and enthusiastic individual, the sturdiest sense of pride stems from riding the tides of the time and exhibiting his or her enthusiasm and aptitude in the process. That is the reason I felt so thrilled in scripting this application to your respected University for a Master’s program in Communications (Electrical & Computer Engineering), having attained exceptional scholarly performance in my major Electrical Engineering (EE) at the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I believe Communications is amongst the most extensively and swiftly applied technology in the current world. Its advances and innovations have forever changed the way this world operates. It would be a fulfilling life for me to add my lifelong dedication to such technology.

I got a patent idea about the details of Electrical and Computer Engineering while undergoing my undergraduate studies, as well as, from professionals in this distinct field. This information has enhanced my interest to pursue a career along this path. Moreover, I have found out my fascination in technology, and how mankind has used them for communication purposes. Living in the 90’s availed me the rare opportunity of witnessing the technological boom. My interest in communications comes from the need of global evolution. I believe there is still a lot to be done in this field. Up to now, my contribution to this field has been in my undergraduate research studies. I played the role of a team leader while conducting a study on WiMax propagation models and relay types (Solid-State, Electromechanical, and Digital Relays). I also crafted wireless (Ad-Hoc) camera security system.



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Certainly, I am plainly aware of the extent of difficulty in trying to gain admission into your esteemed university. Hitherto, my academic achievement as attached is ample enough to make me positive about my competitiveness. I have always been a top student ever since my middle school days. In my undergraduate, I have kept on with this high academic standing. With a GPA of 3.5, I am ranked top in my class, winning several scholarships on several occasions. This achievement is all because of the effective learning strategy I have learnt to adapt. I am always concentrated and mentally active during all my classes, which has helped me maintain my academic qualifications despite being busy with other areas of life. Furthermore, I have treasured a strong interest in studying my major, Communications being my childhood dream, where I attained a GPA of 3.59 out of the total 4.0. My GRE amounted to a quantitative of 162 and a Verbal of 148. My TOEFL (IBT) was 91. Ever since I commenced on my undergraduate programme, I have been keenly following updates in my field of specialization. I am always fascinated with technical journals; reading novel breakthrough and innovation in this field makes me exhilarated. It urges me to carry on and do a better job in this field besides carrying out explicit research in the near future.

Energetic and philanthropic, I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with second degree honors. As a result, I have been granted a full expense graduate scholarship King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) to any top-rated American school of my choice. I also love participating in extra-curricular activities. In June, 2012, I took part in the “Toulouse Space Show’ 12” International week on Space Application in the country of France. In November the same year, I took part in the “Saudi International Space & Aeronautics Technology Conference” together with the Association of Space Explorers (ASE). I also like travelling to other countries to see how they fair on with engineering. This year, I have visited Almaspace and Alta Laboratories, situated in Italy. In 2009, I was a member of the Electrical Engineering Club in the University. One year later I joined the IEEE student branch and in 2011, became a member of the Saudi Council of Engineers.

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KACST is a distinguished institution that recognizes exceptional skills. They have helped me a lot in my field by offering numerous chances to put my undergraduate skills into action. Their opportunities have all been aligned to my vision, goals, and expectations in science. I work in the institute as an academic researcher since last year. My line of work deals in satellite communications, scientific studies, and projects. I have assisted KACST with setting up and maintaining their ground station. Lastly, I have served in satellite functional hardware programming. Besides the institution, I have also worked with satellite communication systems, which is in accordance to ECSS and NASA standards. While at it, I did implement several satellite HF link budget calculation models and also carried out a research on the effects of rain attenuation models on high frequencies. I also have stunning contributions in antenna farm radio testing. My computer skills are also adequate. I am smooth in C++ programming language, MATLAB, Microsoft Office, Altium Designer, and FEKO.

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It would be an honor to study in your institution because my parents have also studied in the United States; hence they expect me to follow in their footsteps. My father is a PhD graduate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (History Dept, 1987). He also possesses another degree in political science. My mother, on her part, graduated from Eastern Michigan University in biology. She is also a PhD graduate in Systematic Botany from King Saud University. They currently work as professors in KSU.

More importantly, my aim is to become a respectable professional in Electrical & Computer Engineering. This industry is massive; therefore, the skills I shall gain from the master’s degree, should I be selected, will help me fulfill my goals and ambitions in life. My ambition is to study Communications in you developed programme. I aim to attain solid knowledge in this area of study. Studying in such a top-rated American institution will help me return to my country as an important individual. I want to serve my country and general human knowledge.


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