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Free «The Ways Camels Are Used in the Desert» Essay Sample

Camels are called ships of the desert because they were the only means of transport in the hot vast desert.  Baaijens (2008) asserts that they can transport enormous luggage and people over a long distance hence offering an easier and effective means of transport in the desert. Camels are also called ships of the desert because of their resilience and adaptability to the desert conditions.  My research will explain how camels are used in the desert for riding, racing, and breeding.

Camel Riding

It is worth noting that camels are extremely easy to ride, as it does not require many technicalities.  García, Casadevall, & Garousi (1996) affirm that they are more facile to ride comparing to horses for example. The ease of riding camels comes from the fact that they can be slightly controlled. They do not give riders many problems when it comes to being controlled because of their respectful and resilient nature. This implies that they can be rode over a long distance with so much ease. They can also withstand very bumpy rides. As asserted before, camels are extremely resilient and easily comply with the given directions. This makes it more simple for them to move on any king of road, including very bumpy ways, that may not be withstood by other animals such as horses.



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Camel Racing

Camel racing is a very common event in the Arab world. Research indicates that camel racing is a heritage of the Arab world and has always been valued by all individuals from this part of the world.  Papoutsakis (2009) reiterates that many people in the Arab world always look forward to camel racing as it is very spectacular performance. Today camel racing is an organized sport in the Arab world and is known for attracting many people. The entire world keeps an eye on the sport that is enjoyed in the Arab word. Camel racing has led to the creation of many camel federations and festivals such as the Emirates Camel Racing Federation (ECRF).


Camel breeding is always aimed at growing rare breeds of camels. Crossbreeding has been an effective strategy in camel breeding hence ensuring that better breeds of camels are reared in the Arab world. Breeding is always aimed at bringing forth better breeds of camels that are more resilient and adaptive to the harsh desert conditions. Moreover, breeding helps in the improvement of the quality of milk and meat produced by camels. The milk becomes more nutritious through effective crossbreeding of camels in the Arab world. Together with breeding appear new technologies, which help to grow even better breeds of camels. Westheimer & Sedan (2009) assert that everyone is looking forward to better breeds of camels that will continue adapting to the harsh desert conditions and providing the required services effectively.


In conclusion, camels in the Emirates are not only for racing, as people think.  Winner (2007) confirms that they are used for other significant purposes such as attraction of tourists through camel racing. Many tourists come to enjoy the unique camel racing in the Arab world hence contributing to economic development of the region. Moreover, camels are used for science and scientific research through camel breeding. This research is aimed at improving the breeds of camels that can be produced in the country. Camels in the Arab world are also used in  many other important purposes, finally  contributing to the economic development  of the country as well.


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