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Globalization is the process that affects all of us whether we want it or not. Thomas L. Friedman and Mark David Milliron suggested their ideas about the phenomenon.

In his article Friedman addresses Christopher Columbus's words, saying that the world is not round as the sailor mentioned, but flat. Its title is of course metaphoric, and it means that globalization made our world uniform. Every continent, every country and every person now possesses the same technology, the same knowledge and has the same opportunities. The key point of the article is that in terms of modern globalization we all have to go to great length to be successful. Friedman (2005) calls the world we live in a level playing field that allows cooperation between people "in real time, without regard to geography, distance or, in the near future, even language" (p. 4). Economics, politics, and education are becoming global. With   Google, Yahoo and MSN Search everyone has the access to any unlimited data and they can use it, however they want. Nevertheless, it’s quite a dubious situation. On the one hand, we all have the same possibilities; on the other hand, we are now facing a larger scope of competition.

The key idea of Milliron’s article is that we have to be able to accommodate fast in order to succeed. By this I mean that we need to be flexible, broad-minded and ready to learn. Apart from this, Milliron suggests three basic skills required in modern world, which are critical thinking, creativity and courage. By my reckoning, courage is the most vital. You may think analytically, be well-educated and creative, but only courage helps you to display these qualities, as it is a driving force behind any outstanding action.

These two articles provide us with a clear understanding of what learning should look like nowadays. Firstly, educational system has to be open to changes and reforms. Secondly, students should realize that sheer studying is not enough, and they have to possess the right skills to apply the knowledge effectively. And finally, those who have formally obtained their education must not stop learning in order not to fall behind the ever changing world.


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