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Free «The Great Ukrainian Cinema» Essay Sample

Recent discovery I have made was about the great Ukrainian cinema. The Soviet Union doesn’t exist for more than 20 years and the previously common culture of its parts now is represented by different traditions and customs. Ukrainian cinema is especially impressive. In XIX century, when the prototype of the modern motion-picture apparatus was founded, people became able to observe the world's first films. After silent movies making tradition was mastered, Ukrainian cinema began to grow and gain momentum. Honestly, Ukrainian cinema is closely related to the name of Alexander Dovzhenko, who is much associated with this phenomenon as he did his utmost to popularize it.

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Talkies on the cinema terrains appeared at the beginning of the XX century. Having being chased by Russian government, Ukrainian cinema could not develop in the right way. Although Ukrainian films of the period of socialism were constrained by the strict rules, their great value is comprised of the high level of acting and the highly professional work of cameramen. Sergei Paradjanov and Bogdan Stupka gained their global fame while presenting Ukrainian cinema on the world stage. Being suppressed, actors could counter resistance, making the world know about Ukrainian nationality and, in particular, its cinematography. The proof is in the well-known film called as Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors that is considered to be the classics of the world’s silver screen.

Ukrainian achievements in cinematography are not poorer than those of Poland or some other countries, at least this situation was until early 90's. However, Ukraine has no clear history of its movies. Taking into account books on this topic, published in the Soviet Union, it becomes clear that they are written quite schematically and there is difficulty in understanding the facts because of ideological censorship. In recent years Ukrainian cinema has welcomed a new generation of filmmakers. Nowadays a lot of Ukrainian actors are engaged in foreign films casts. Today Ukrainian cinematography becomes flourishing and seems to go in the right direction, moving deeper to the world cinema stage.

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