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Free «The Hawai‘i Pacific Islands Kava Festival» Essay Sample

This Festival took place on October 27th at University of Hawaii in Manoa. It celebrates Kava as a center to culture and a treasure to the Hawaiian inhabitants and the world at large. Kava is known to reduce anxiety, stress, and acts as a muscle relaxant. Kava is an essential entity in the Hawaiian culture, here one is bound to come across I enjoyed the live music, food, poi pounding and of course the Kava testing. There are free Kava Tasting booths for visitors to try different its strains. There exist lots of local vendors selling different Kava products ranging from Kava drinks to Kava powder.  

European versus Portuguese voyages

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There are many reasons that lead the Europeans to seek expanding their international reach and the same also applied to the Portuguese. For the Europeans, they were on expectations on revivals of economic activities and population following lows of the Black Death (Mckay, 1999). This created fantasies and demand for luxury goods such as spices got from the east. This was stalled by Muslim emperors who controlled the Eastern trade routes. They had to trade with Ottomans to gain trade routes through them. The other catalytic entry was the religious fervor, fueled the Christians, reconquista, full of energy and passion to spread the crusade to points of conquering the remaining Muslim states. Motivated also by individual explorers, there was also great desire for wealth and glory for charting new waters (Mckay, 1999). Above the reasons such as poverty and lack of opportunities back at home, the increase of the government power was also a major contributor. Technological growth in ship building and other navigation equipment was the other major driving issue.

For the Portuguese, they had long years of known history of navigation and seafaring making them unmatched against the Europeans. There was strong support from Henry the navigator who sponsored studies on geography and annual expeditions (Mckay, 1999). They were motivated by objectives such as achieving military glory, Christianizing the Muslim, search for gold, slaves, and a route to India’s spice market. Trade also motivated the Portuguese (Mckay, 1999).


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