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The term therapy refers to the attempt to remediate a person’s health problem after carrying out diagnosis. The term may also be termed to mean treatment of a health problem. There are various therapies in the field of medicine, and as in the book of psychology for your life, the examples include the following.

Physical therapy(physiotherapy) is a health care profession that deals with the provision of treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and bring back optimum movement and function throughout life. It involves the provision of treatment in situations where factors as injuries, disease and aging, may interfere with the physical life. The therapy mainly focuses on the maximum quality of life in various perspectives of life as in emotional, psychological, physical and the social well-being of the people, mainly through the exercise of joints, massage and traction. The physical therapist gets involved with the patient and designs a strategy of treatment with the assessment of the movement potential using the physical therapy skills. The therapy treats ailments that may need support in order to increase the patient’s comfort. A person’s history and physical examination enables the therapist to diagnose in order to come up with a strategy to be involved. A strategy called electro- diagnostic testing and nerve conduction velocity testing may still be used. The therapy acts to treat disorders as gout, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis and heart attack among others mainly in the fields of geriatrics, neurology and cardiopulmonary (Feldman, 2005). The physical therapist practices this treatment in various places as in the fitness centers and sports training facilities. Psychodynamic therapy is another kind of physical therapy that focuses on the treatment of the disorders arising due to the re-enactment of early experiences in the present time, and causing renewed mental problems. In this case, the therapist gets in a direct contact with the patient and enables the patient to develop new emotions and perspectives other than the existing. The treatment enables the patient to get a new insight to handle the re-awakened feelings of loss and disappointments, in a different and helpful way.

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Gestalt therapy refers to a treatment that enables a person to have awareness on how he/she does things with various people and on the environment. The person is made alert emotionally, cognitively and also energetically. The person gets to know what he/she is doing, how the work is getting done and how it directly or indirectly affects his/her life. The therapy is characterized by the person’s ability to define, develop and learn of themselves and how they relate to others and know that with time, they are at a state different from the previous. The therapist therefore gets in a direct contact with the client, involves in a dialogue full of care and direct self-responsibility (Feldman, 2005). Gestalt therapy treats psychosomatic disorders as ulcerative colitis, migraine, spastic neck, depression, alcohol and drug abuse and other anxiety related disorders. The therapy deals with issues that depend on prediction as neither the therapist nor the client know how the end results will look like. The therapy uses strategies as exercise of the patient, getting involved in experiments as a dialogue over an issue, behavioral expressions among others. These strategies are all geared to making the patient be aware of whatever may be taking place in his or her life, take responsibility of his daily experiences, develop positive attitude, posses sense of his feelings among others (Feldman, 2005).

The cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment that concerns the behavior and the cognitive aspects of a person, and intends to solve problems of bad emotions through an end-ended procedure. The therapist in this case may major on the cognitive or the behavior or even a combination of both as in imagined exposure therapy. In this kind of therapy, treatment is based on the symptom; hence the therapist has to carry out diagnosis before treatment (Stanfield, 2009). This has empirically made this kind of therapy to be effective for the treatment of disorders as psychotic, personality and mood disorders. It also works well with the treatment of mental health problems as stress due to trauma and clinical depression among others. In this treatment, the therapist decides to take either cognitive or behavioral dimension or may integrate both, according to the type of the problem. A record of particular events and accompanying feelings, imaginations and expressions, has to be established. Asking questions and assuming certain features is taken into consideration in order to establish what would have otherwise been the thought or behavior. This is mainly done in order to determine where the memory would have gone wrong or dysfunctional (Stanfield, 2009).

In conclusion, the matters of psychology and the treatment of the disorders, according to Robert Feldman’s “psychology and your life” mainly concerns the utilization of the exercises and physical experiments. Through this treatment, a person’s health problem is treated; hence people and especially students are able to learn well without any psychological problem.


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