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Bergitta, Berglund and LindvallHomas.A draft Document of Community Noise. WHO Environmental Health Criteria 12, World Health Organization, Geneva, 1995. Print

This source provides some information regarding the effects of noise pollution to human health. Bergitta & Lindvall highlight that noise pollution causes sleep and mental health disturbances. They highlight that some of the disturbances related to sleep include awakenings and complexity that could actually result is some psychological effects. The source therefore provides a link between noise pollution and the human health, by examining how noise pollution affects health.

Field,J.M. Effect of Personal and Situational Variables upon Noise Annoyance in Residential Areas, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 93: 2753-2763. 1993. Print

Field, M. examined the effect of personal and situational variables upon noise annoyance in residential areas and found out that, noise pollution affects the human behavior. The source highlights that noise pollution can result in annoyance and displeasure, and can interfere with communication due to misunderstandings, stress reactions, and uncertainty.



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Kierman, Vincent. Noise pollution robs kids of languages skills. New Scientist. 1997. Print

The source provides information on the impact of noise pollution on language development and learning, especially among the children. The study conducted by Kierman established that learning and development of language diminished significantly in the noisy homes, considering the fact that noise generates negative effects on emotional and social development, school performance, and reading.

Nagi, G. K., Dhillon, M.K., Bansal, A. S. and Dhaliwal, G. S.,Extend of noise pollution from household equipment and appliances. Indian Journal of Ecology, 20(2): 152-156.1993. Print

This source gives some information on the level of noise pollution that can be generated from the household equipment and appliances. The source highlights that some of the domestic appliances such as television sets, radios, washing machines, mixers, cooking operations and mixers generate some noise pollution. This source therefore gives a solution that, in order to reduce the levels of noise generated by these appliances; it could be wise if they are operated selectively and judiciously.

Rosenhall U., Pedersen K., Svanborg A. Presbycusis and noise-induced hearing loss. Ear Hear11 (4): 257–63.1990. Print

This source presents some information on the effect of noise pollution and highlights that noise pollution can lead to hearing impairment. The source highlights that exposure to a noisy environment may lead to a condition known as tinnitus, which is an abnormal loudness condition that may either be permanent or temporary depending on the levels of exposure. However, the source suggests that this can be controlled by the use of a white noise headphones and generators.

Thesis and Outline for Proposal Paper Thesis (Proposal Statement)

Problem Section [The following may be combined]

The Problem

Noise pollution is an environmental issue having negative effects on the human health as well as causes damage to infrastructure.

B. Demonstrate the Problem by;

Establishing Significance (it’s actually a problem)

Noise pollution has been proved to generate adverse effects such as hearing impairment, sleep disturbance, mental health disturbances, and cardiovascular disturbances. It also leads to impaired task performance and negative social behavior and annoyance reactions as it interferes with spoken communication.

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Proving Relevance (it currently affects us)

Noise pollution is actually affecting us considering its effects on health and wellbeing. Some of the effects such as sleep disturbances generate other adverse health disorders that could be prevented if noise pollution is controlled. For instance, it is well evident that most people are relocating from the commercial and industrial areas due to noise pollution, which affects their health and ability to carry out their daily tasks.

Grabbing Our Attention (we need to do something about it now)

Cases of hearing impairment and mental health disturbances as a result of noise pollution have actually increased implying that it should actually be put under control. In addition, it is noted that sleep disturbances resulting from noise generates other health related disorders such as high blood pressure, psychological problems and cardiovascular problems like increased impulse amplitude and cardiac arrhythmias.

C. Discuss Underlying Factors (reasons why the problem exists)

Noise pollution exists because most governments have not outlined strict policies to control noise pollution. Furthermore, it is apparent that majority of  people do not know the adverse effects generated by noise pollution.

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II. Solution Section

Alternative Solutions

Various approaches could be adopted to deal with noise pollution. These include reducing noise at source, blocking the passage of noise, increasing the path of noise, and protecting those exposed.

Discuss Strengths (if any)

The major strength about these approaches is that they work to reduce the levels of noise pollution, hence reducing the levels of exposure and the adverse effects of noise pollution.

Discuss Weaknesses (to set up your own solution)

Blocking the passage of noise and increasing the path of noise may not be quite effective considering the fact that there still will be some level of exposure. However, protecting the exposed may be quite expensive.

Your Solution

Propose a Solution

An effective solution that could be adopted to deal with noise pollution could be reducing noise at the source.

Provide Details of Your Solution (or a specific plan of action)

This implies minimizing the levels of noise generated. For instance, at the domestic levels, reducing noise at the source may imply reducing the levels of noise generated by the domestic appliances, by ensuring that they are operated selectively. This may also imply restricting the level of noise generated while using loudspeakers.

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Anticipate objections to Your Solution

Some of the objections to this solution may include the fact that it may be challenging to restrict the use of loudspeakers considering the fact that these are often applicable when addressing masses, which in essence may be difficult do without in such occasions.  It may also be challenging the use the domestic appliances selectively as they play different roles.

Refute (or concede) Objections to Your Solution

Indeed, it may be difficult to address mass gatherings without the use of loudspeakers, but this could be done effectively by ensuring that the levels of noise generated is controlled such that noise pollution is controlled. On the other hand, hope appliances could actually be used separately as long as proper planning is done.


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