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Free «Transport Packaging» Essay Sample

The structural design of a package refers to the process of producing a packing in such a way as to ensure the product in it arrives at its destination safely, while it is still appealing to the potential customers. It should also facilitate the distribution. According to Goodwin & Young (2010), the distribution environment refers to the conditions a manufactured article interacts with during transportation to the final consumer. Transport packaging is the tertiary packaging of a product, meant to ensure that the merchandise is under proper protection during transportation. This ensures that products reach their final destination in proper condition.

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One of the considerations about the distribution environment, which should be made during the structural design of the package, is the mode of transport. Various modes of transport require different packaging (Goodwin & Young, 2010). Products intended to be transported by road may require sturdy packaging in order to protect the articles from damage. Another issue to be considered is the method through which the product will be handled during loading and debarkation. When the products are to be moved by people according to the mode of transportation, packaging should be designed in a way to contain smaller units compared to the method when a forklift is utilized to carry the goods. Materials used for packaging, transported by people, are also less sturdy compared to those when a forklift is applied.

Another issue to be considered is the product, which is going to be transported, itself. If a fragile article is being packaged for distribution, the packaging should contain protective materials to shield the product from damage. This includes the cushioning of the package. For example, the wood crates are crafted in order to prevent the product from banging on the sides of the transportation vehicle. Another consideration to be made concerns the factors to which the package will be exposed. If the package will be exposed to wind, rain, snow and other weather phenomenon, the materials employed should be able to withstand these conditions. All these considerations must be taken into account when designing effective packaging material in order to ensure the safe distribution of the merchandise.


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