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Technological advancement has brought tremendous change in the way the curriculum is implemented in classrooms. Most researchers agree that technology can change the teaching process, making it more flexible, engaging, and challenging for students (Groff & Mouza, 2008).

It enhances productivity and efficiency in communication between teachers and students and among the students themselves. Skillful use of technology aids students in problem solving, access of information, exchange of ideas and in decision making. Examples of items that can be used to enhance learning in classrooms are computers, digital cameras and projectors. Software that will be used includes Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power point.


Students in my classroom will be able to use technology in conducting research for their school work as well as critical analyzing skills for analyzing information. Enhance communication between the teacher and the students through the use of the internet especially email. Students also become more motivated to learn on their own and to be independent. The students will also acquire skills, such as presentation skills, that will be useful in their future careers. They will, therefore, be able to cope in the technologically dynamic environment. 



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I will provide all students in my classroom with an opportunity to use technology to enhance their learning experience by ensuring they acquire the skills necessary. This will include computer skills such as using it for presentation. Parents will be involved to follow through with the students and ensure guidelines set in place to ensure safety are followed. Students will also get assignments that will give them a chance to sharpen their skills. This will include assignments such as making presentations using power point. Research on topics within the curriculum will be encouraged by giving directions for further reading to the students and following up on it. Use of projectors in the classroom as a teaching aid, for example in science, will enable the students to understand faster. My mission is to strengthen the learning environment by providing opportunities for use of technology.

Skeletal Framework of the Classroom Technology Plan

  1. Assess available technology resources such as computers and others that can be accessed within the school. It enables to establish the budgetary requirements of purchasing the necessary equipment subject to availability of funds (Zhao & Frank, 2003).
  2. Analyze whether teachers have the necessary skills required to use the technology. This will ensure the training needs of the teachers are captured before implementation (Casey & Rakes, 2002).
  3. Assess whether the students will be able to use the new equipment. It enables the teachers to be able to give additional attention to those who do not have the required skills.
  4. Train teachers on incorporation of technology into the curriculum. This involves the administration providing training to the teachers on how to incorporate technology into their teaching methods (Dawson & Rakes, 2003).

Introduce the new methods to the students and guide them through. This involves incorporating technology into the teaching methods used by a teacher (Brown & Warschauer, 2006).


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