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Free «What Is In A Name?» Essay Sample

Identity has been an important aspect of individual life in the society for now a very long time. For all the identification purposes, the name of the involved person, institution or thing summarizes all the traits that relate to it. John Proctor explains that, “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! ” There seems to be more evidence to support this view thus the debate about the essence of a name both in private and public lives seems to be of greatest essence to the success or failure of the plights and objectives intended by the person or institution involved. However, Shakespeare seems to disagree with this view and argues that a name is just a title and has no essence in the life of a man. He says, “That which we call a rose by any other name would just smell as sweet.” The controversy here about the essence of a name goes a notch higher but in the modern world, it is like John Proctor’s views are more favored.

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The essence of a name can be well defined on people’s lives by the study into the number of defamation cases being handled by courts of most countries. Defamation can legally be defined as the wrongful abuse of a person’s or institution’s identity by presenting to the public false allegations about them to the public. The increased number of defamation cases in courts of law clearly gives the impression on how important a name is in the society. The main attribute portrayed in these cases can be taken to be how people and institutions can resort to legal extents to protect their names. By doing this, the impression most probably is a name is very crucial for the success of aimed at objectives of individuals and institutions.

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In the fight against crime, in most cases, police or any investigative agencies have always tried to inform the public about the information relevant to may be a criminal being sort after. At this point, what these bodies do at most times is to give out all the names and aliases of criminals. There are cases when these investigative agencies give numerous names on just a single person. Just to be more elaborative, the now deceased and once most wanted person in the world by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, Osama bin Laden, was cited to having up to twenty six names and aliases. By their bid to consider all the names related to a person, the investigative agencies portray what a name can hold on a person’s identity in the society.

In some countries, especially in Asia and Africa, some communities just give a single name to a person. It is unimaginable the implications of these in the official world. Official world in this case makes reference to the business world. In the business world, all steps, that at most times include exhaustive description of all the involved people and terms, are taken in order to avert possible issues related to impersonation or anything related to it. The essence of this, not ruling out that scenario of single named persons getting involved in businesses might arise, has seen technology gurus come up with devices that store bio-data of individuals. When the name of an individual does not act as the best security measure possible, that is how expensive an extent that people can go in order to protect a name.

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At times, a name can mean profitability, especially in the business world. In the world, there are realistically big and small and even unrated companies. It is a presumed a fact that in case a person intends to come up with a firm, how profitable it is going to be can be determined with the big names he/she associates it with. For instance, if somebody intends to open a hotel, chances are that if they give it a name of an existing big hotel, it will most probably be as big as the said big hotel. This can be the reason why most institutions prohibit the usage and association of their institutions’ names into any other venture without prior permission. This can be due to the fact that the institutions that prohibit the usage of their name without permission either do it because they do not want to be used by another company to generate profits of which they will not share or to protect their identity in such an instance that the new institution fails in the market it operates in. In most instances, this has resulted to legal tussles and hefty punishments given to those found guilty of using other institutions’ names without prior request and permission. In this, the question of how important a name is can clearly be seen and its most relevant answer derived.

Another aspect that demonstrates the importance of a name is how the application of trademarks and copyrights has become a popular feature in brands of the modern world. It is like taking John Proctor’s statement, “I have given my soul, leave me my name to a whole new level.” Trademarks and copyrights are modern times’ sole legal protector of brand names. For anything that has been received a trademark or a copyright, it is a legal infringement if any person designs or comes up with another brand with a similar name. By going to the extents of protecting a name by administering a copyright or trademark on it, it is a clear show that a name is a very important aspect of identification in the business world. There have been numerous legal actions on people or institutions that infringe the requirements and guidelines of trademarks and copyrights of companies. In a surprising turn of events, in the most recent times, people have even gone to extents of copyrighting their personal names such that no one else can be given name the same name as them. Therefore, the conclusion that most people in modern times share the same views as John Proctor can be taken as true as they are. 


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