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The decision maker who utilizes a definitive framework and follows a specified strategy development and deployment process will enjoy several benefits. First, the decision maker will be able to attain excellence in the process of decision making. This is because the decision maker follows the laid down procedures, and therefore, the chances of making errors in judgment are minimal. Consequently, such a decision maker will become efficient and excellent in the decision making process (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2012, p4). Secondly, there is better utilization of resources. The decision maker who follows a definitive framework and strategy will identify the correct resources to be employed in actualizing a particular plan of action. Moreover, a specified strategy ensures that decisions are made in line with the available resources. Therefore, the decision maker will use the available resources appropriately.

Third, such a decision maker relies on evidence when settling on a given course of action or a decision (Cronin & Clancy, 2012, n.p.). The use of evidence helps a great deal in formulating decisions that are relevant and workable. This is especially important in some sensitive sectors such as healthcare. In such sectors, inaccurate assessment of a situation or wrong decisions can be quite costly. The same applies to all other sectors of the economy as they can easily be wrecked by wrong decisions.

Generally, the prosperity of any organization or group depends on the kind of decisions made by the management team. The team that consistently makes the correct decisions comes out as the most efficient and effective. Inaccurate decisions often put the performance of an organization in jeopardy. Therefore, decision makers should rely on definitive framework and follow a specified strategy.


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