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 Marriage is considered to be one of the main institutions in the world. Nowadays, despite the fact that many people still support concept of matrimony, there is another group of people who prefer not to marry and lead a single life. Moreover, if in the past those who didn’t want to be tied in the knot of relationships were mostly men, now there is growing number of women who would rather stay single than settle down with one partner. In this research paper I will try to verify reasons why younger generation is more into being singe than for example 30- years-old women and older.

 Number of women who don’t really want to get married has recently increased. There are various factors that influence on the decision to postpone marriage. First of all, the reason why women tend to stay single is because they never find the “right” person. The problem might be in the women themselves, as they have too many expectations from their imaginary partner and of course they fail to find the one who would meet all their requirements (Lewis, 1994). Another reason is that majority of those who have had bad experience in their relationships would rather stay single forever than get another disappointment.

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 Talking about reasons of being single we have to mention that one of the forces that had made great impact on the concept of modern family was for sure feminist movement. Nowadays, women are less dependent on men as they can make their living, they can raise kids on their own and they are as independent as never before in the history. Some women are scared of commitment, they just don’t want anybody to enter their life, they don’t want to be tied with somebody and burden themselves with too much of responsibilities. Usually women are too busy with their careers and one-night dates, and only when they are in their 30s they might start thinking of having kids and husband, but it might be too late or too difficult to find a partner.

Women and marriage: then and now.

 Back in the history women did not actually have choice whether to marry or remain single. It was mainly because of the social and economic pressure. In the past, women had less rights, they could not get education to support themselves, therefore they had to find somebody to be take care of. Moreover, husbands were found by their parents, because marriage was more a business deal then love matter. This lasted till 1960s, when sexual revolution put an end to the men supremacy, gave freedom to women, and at this point in the history women were beginning to marry for happiness and not for other reasons. However, marriage seems to be less popular with American women now and in the past. At this point, women prefer to get married at much older ages than their parents did (Lewis,1994). The divorce rates had significantly grown and people are living together more longer before they do get married.

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There is no doubt, that American society undergoes changes in perception of marriage. The divorce rates continue to grow, regardless of greater awareness of the potential emotional and financial impact of divorce upon couples and their children, marriage rates dropped dramatically in the last two decades. Apparently, people think about marriage differently than previous generations did. In fact in the last 20 years, both men and women show a considerable increase in age at marriage. Men are now on average two years older when they marry than the mean age of marriage for men 30 years ago. Women are three years older on average now, than the mean marriage age in the 1980.  Being single allows one to do what he/she wants, whenever and without any responsibility.  Despite the fact that “old maid” term is no longer appropriate, there are still several expectations of society.  It is expected that every man and woman have to get married before the age of 30 (Baber & Allen, 1992).

Why some women prefer to remain single?

“Single” status is not ok, because being in a loving relationship has its pluses, and there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, our contemporary women enjoy their freedom.  Women who once divorced or become widows are no longer interested in getting married once again. Especially, this happens because women are more independent in their choices, they make their living and don’t need support from anybody else.  Being single means freedom in action, you can do anything whenever you want without taking into consideration anyone else’s feelings. This is to some extent expression of egoism, because women tend to spend all their time taking care only of themselves. Women enjoy privacy, freedom and financial as well as personal independence.  There is no need to get involved in something more lasting than a one/two date relationship.  As it was mentioned above, women who had past marital experiences, would rather stay single. (Baber & Allen, 1992) But this is only one side of a coin.

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  Of course, young generation is more into chaotic style of living, when you are not tied to various responsibilities and duties, where life seems to be long and full of fun journey,  where there is no place for such an old-fashioned thing like marriage.  But is there guarantee, that at the age of 30 one would not look on the matter from different angle? In her twenties young women is usually concerned about things other than marriage and kids. She is obsessed with idea to prove to the entire world that she is able to take care of herself. However, outlook of 20-year-old women differs from that of the 30-years-old. When you are in your late 20s you look around and notice that most of your same age friends are married and have children. If you're still single you begin to wonder if there is something wrong with you. That’s why one has to maintain his/her values and purposes once and forever, in order to avoid disappointments later on.  One has to choose between career, family, relationships, or otherwise combine those.  It is very important not to miss your chance to be happy in the way you really want.

Decreasing popularity of marriage among women.

Reasons why to get married.

It is proved that woman in her early 30s is still open for marriage, but after 35 it is very difficult for women or man to marry, because both are already set in their own ways, and it is hard to find compromise at this point, and it is extremely hard to co-exist when certain habits and beliefs has already been acquired. However, marriage does matter as it provides important and substantial benefits for both spouses as well as society as a whole. Husbands and wives offer each other moral support that helps in dealing with stressful situations, married couples appear to live healthier lives, and therefore they face lower risks of dying at any point than those who never have married or whose previous marriage has ended (Lewis, 1994). Children’s well being is another thing that has to be pointed out when talking about significance of marriage. Children raised in one-parent families are more likely to fail in school, to get drug or alcohol addicted, and usually start sexual relations in very young age.

 Decline in marriage rates may be explained by the preference of young people to live together instead of getting married.  There is no doubt that there are lots of unhappy marriages, but there are also very happy marriages, this is why phobia of marriage is not justified. Most single successful women are single not by their own choice however, but because there are far much less men as opposed to women.  But, women should also remember, that there is no such thing as the perfect partner or 100% perfect relationship. Taking into consideration fact, that half or the marriages in US ends in divorce, we can understand young person’s hesitation to become bride or groom.  No matter what are the reasons for this, the effects of this growing tendency are about to be seen.

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