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The society may employ various mechanisms in regulating the kind of information that the public is exposed too. The debate whether the government needs to regulate the pornography is debatable. The government can play a role on the monitoring on the content that is available to the citizens. Such measures may include enacting laws that guides on the content and the audience. This can be attained by the society and governments appointing the relevant arm that will act as porn czars that will be public watch dog for the pornographic materials. The passing of laws that will zone and limit the locations of the adult business will also play a vital role in the regulation of the access to the pornographic materials. Using application such as internet filters in libraries may play a crucial role in regulating the access to such materials especially when children are frequent visitors of such placers on their own, this measure will block unauthorized audience from accessing such X-rated internet sites. It is a fact that you cannot get rid of pornography completely but also it should be allowed for those whose ethics does not buy the ideology to be exposed to the incidences that are against their moral believes (Zillmann & Bryant, 121).

Most of the states and countries have laws that restrict the access to pornographic materials and content. Globally, child pornography is illegal and anyone found doing business that promotes child pornography is likely to pay dearly for such initiatives. When looking at the pornography made with the consent of the adults, it will be important to look at which laws are in place that governs such undertakings. Most of such cases may require amendments to existing laws to a certain degree so that the public is protected and also the interest of those engaged in the acts is not violated. It s understood that many states and cities across the globe have put in place laws and regulation that govern obscenity and these laws guide the functionality of pornography in terms in public. The laws regulate the distance that pornography can go, this will ensure that a clear demarcation is determined before the pornography stuff crosses the line and become something obscene.

Many who can be taken to be highly hypocritical can talk of freedom of speech. There are cases even cited in the bible where instances of pornography are cited like the cases of gang rape in the book of judges and also the dismemberment in the same book of judges. It is not always against the law and the government can never dictate ones behavior. Despite the need for people choices to be respected, it is also to regulate how much such choices affect those who may not buy the idea. People's behavior vary and it is important to be there an organ that govern the extreme to which some instances can be tolerated. Despite the fact that as human beings we yearn for freedom, there is some degree of relativity that comes along with that. There must be a regulation that defines what can of behaviors can be considered deviant and that are punishable in the society. Such certainty will always help in checking the choices that people make.Bearing in mind the consequences of anything considered illegal, the perpetrators are likely to go underground. Despite the fact that authorities will ban the activities, it will still thrive underground. Taking the cases of drugs, though they have been banned, we still witness the cases where the unauthorized people having access to such drugs and abusing them at an alarming rate. Simply put, like the drugs cases, it may be impossible to regulate the pornography industry. The vital move will be to create a platform where all the players, the actors and actress in the industry are allowed to at least have regular tests for any HIV and sexually transmitted diseases on a regular basis. If the mandatory check up are done regularly like monthly, this will protect the participants from contracting the STI's and thus also ensure that the actors and actress are fully aware of their status (Russell, 23). There can be rule where the actors may be required to produce an HIV negative test that may be less than one month old. Such setting may also allow the participants to engage the services of agents to intercede for them and the company that is involved in production of such stuff and this may result in fair pay for the sensible time agreed for the clips produced.It cannot be acceptable that pornography breaks marriages. It can be viewed that whenever one of the parties in the marriage is involved in the porn, then he or she is unhappy with their sex life and possibly this is going to be evident in one way or another. Many argue that they rather catch their partner watching pornography than finding their partner cheating on them or being engaged in more deviant acts. Porn generally does not make one immoral; it also depends on the individual to define the code of conduct (Schwartz, 260).

Taking another dimension when examining the case at hand, will restricting pornography would be acting against the spirit of freedom of expression and the freedom of speech. Many can argue that banning pornography would be like equating it or putting pornography in the same category like terrorist materials and pedophilia. This will definitely be an overreaction to acts of the producing company. And the comparison may not yield much when we look at exploitation of children and the potential bombing of buildings and loss of innocent lives to the consensual sex that has been filmed (Steinem, 37). It is important to ensure that child pornography is illegal but the adult produced materials needs to be regulated and individuals who would like to purchase or involve to be allowed to freely participate in the business.The other interesting perspective is in taking into account the challenges that teenagers under the age of 18years go through. Research indicates that human beings reach sexual maturity at the age of 14 to 15years. On the other hand one is only allowed to have sex after they celebrate their 18th birthday. The big question is what is this kid supposed to do in that period when they cannot engage in sex? At this age tender age, there is very high influx of hormones and the curiosity will lead the kids to explore more about sex. Ignoring ones physical desires is one thing that has never been a success. We know those who subscribe to some moral codes would like to differ but you can't succeed in persuading people to ignore their physical desires.The advancement of technology may also make it tricky curbing the menace or challenges that pornography may present. It will be necessary for the entire stakeholder to be involved in the management of the challenges by pornography. The teachers in schools, the parents, the church leaders and all the contact persons that may play a role in persuading change of behavior must be involved in the management of pornography.


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