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Medea is responsible for the murders of King Creon, princess Glauce, and her two own children. In the case of King Creon and her daughter Glauce, the poisoned robes that killed them were gifts from Medea. The motive and premeditation are clear as Medea plans how to dupe Jason with false apologies. This is in order to make way for her children to deliver the poisoned gifts to King Creon and Princess Glauce. Besides, Medea’s plea to delay her departure for one day is an evidence for the premeditation as she wins time to commit the murders. She also plans for refuge in advance by talking to the King of Athens. All these indicate that the motive and premeditation are previously designed and all her actions  lead to the intentional murders of King Creon and Princess Glauce. In addition, there are also the motive and premeditation in the murders of Media’s two children. She kills them to punish Jason further for betraying her love. Medea also wants to frustrate Jason’s plans to create a new family by killing the children (Lawall 690). On the same note, Medea’s tries to justify her actions to Jason is a fact that shows her lack of remorse.

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Case for Medea’s Defense

This was a crime of passion. Medea had a strong love for Jason, and could not control her anger when she learnt that he planned to Marry Glauce instead of her. The events were further frustrating for Medea as Jason despised her barbarian roots, and preferred Glauce because she was a princess. The heat of the moment led to Medea’s emotional breakdown and temporary loss of sanity (Warner 50). Besides, there was a conflict between Eros and Sophia inside this woman, which distorted her perception of the reality. At the time, what Medea did was natural for a depressed person as human instinct surpassed wisdom. A just judgment should take into account these extenuating circumstances.

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Medea is guilty of first-degree murder of King Creon, Princess Glauce, and her two children. There is sufficient evidence for the motive and premeditation of the crimes. The murders of the king and princess are not justifiable as the culture of that time allowed a man to marry the woman he loved and to keep mistresses. Besides, the murder of the children lacks justification, as it was a result of jealousy. The plea of temporary insanity does not hold, as there is evidence of motive and premeditation. Medea deserves life imprisonment and not the asylum she can get in Athens.

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