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“Journey to the West” is a Chinese Literature among the four that are well-known. This novel was written during the Ming Dynasty in the sixteenth century and ascribed to Wu-Kong. In the nations which are English-speaking, the novel is commonly known as “Monkey”. “Journey to the West” is also known as Xi You. “Journey to the West” is a fiction that is about the monk known as Tang Seng. In the 17th century this monk was sent by his brother the emperor from India to China to go and collect a set of Buddhist Bibles. The monk encountered many hazards on his way to India, but eventually he made it to India and back to China. The Buddhist Bibles were invaluable and they now dwell in the massive Pagoda in Central Xi An, which was opened for tourists (Plaks 283). 

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“Journey to the West” is written in four different sections. First section is the introduction of Wu Kong, who was born from a great stone nourished, he was unruly and turned out to be one of the castoffs of the monk gangs. Once the monkey came across a huge waterfall and everyone got scares to pass except Wu-Kong who made it and became the new Monkey King. He believed that he required more abilities and he decided to visit the monk and he was taught discipline and martial. Always Wu-Kong and his devotees were frightened of death therefore they always tried to overcome all troubles in the world. They defeated so many troubles that the king of death Yan-Wang came and imprisoned him in hell but Wu-Kong escaped the manacles and deleted all names of the monkey from his register. When Wu-Kong visited the King of the Western Seas, Dragon, he spotted the legendary "Jing Gu Bang" which faked the cosmos eons before. The Dragon believed that Wu-Kong was too weak to lift it, therefore they agreed if he lifts it he would keep it. Wu-King easily lifted it and left with it.    

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The second chapter describes the beginning of their expedition and it describes two more characters. The General in Heaven was Ba-Jie, he had a weakness for fine-looking ladies and made a mistake to flirt with the Princess of Moon. Because of this he was punished and thrown into mortal world and reincarnated as a Fat Pig Monk. The main three characters found Ba-Jie he joined them and was offered a crown (Plaks 283). Some time after that the trio met an Evil Monk who was in charge of guarding a big river. They had a fought but it was taken a decision that Evil Monk joined them as Sha-Seng.  

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The third section talks about all the dangers they faced on their way and it is the longest one. They encountered many as every demon of the planet knew about Tang-Seng and they knew that he was the holy one. Any person who would eat Tang-Seng’s flesh would turn into immortal. In the course of about fifteen years they encountered eighty one dangers. In times they were unable to trounce their rivals Wu-Kong and his followers were looking for assistant from other many friends of Wu-Kong in the Heavens.

The last section tells how they reached their destination and tried to get the bibles. First they were given false copies. Buddha transformed himself into a gigantic eagle and attacked them sending these copies flying but they discovered that the copies were not genuine. They returned to Monastery of Buddha and were told that it was just Buddha’s temptations and desired to know their response. Wu-Kong eventually got the genuine copies. He and his team were all able to attain Enlightenment and turned into Buddha’s (Plaks 283).  

In conclusion, “Journey to the West” is not a real story, but it is based on Tang-Seng travelling from China to India. There are many instances concerning “Journey to the West” for instance, when the pathway to a Dragon-Ball was impeded by a burning flames and King Ox was named in this case. King Ox and flames are lifted outright of “Journey to the West”. Apart from King Ox who as well had a horned headdress in “Journey to the West”  both fat Pig and Monkey were capable of changing shape.

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