Numerous students in their English literature courses are asked to write a book review essay every now and again as it is part of their curriculum. Sometimes a book review essay is called by another title - literary essay. It should be understood that a review essay is not a report, and therefore, it is vital students understand all the necessary requirements associated with the assignment. This will allow them to write successful papers and produce a comprehensive review on the assigned publication.



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How to Write a Book Review Essay

The very first step to take when it comes to a book review essay is that you need to have full comprehension of all the requirements for the assignment. Different teachers and professors will have their own set of criteria of what they want students to do. It is essential to get the specified requirements for such a piece of writing before starting it.

While some professors may require students to write their book review essay on a specific publication, other professors' offer students to choose a work for analysis on their own, or may state that the selected book has to fall under a specific genre. Regardless of the selected source, each and every student has to be fully devoted to reading and comprehending it. It is beneficial to jot down notes and highlight specific parts in the course of reading. In this way, it will be easier to create an effective paper.

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A Book Review Essay Has to Be Clear and Organized

The student must capture all the main features and themes of the book and state it in a clear, precise manner. Therefore, part of the paper needs to focus on the facts, events, and ideas highlighted in the analyzed publication, with some more attention on certain points more than others.

Then there is the interpretive part of the book review essay. In it, students need to provide analysis of the assigned or chosen publication. This can include how the author composed the book and other related aspects. Writers should also dwell on the themes, characters, relationships, and other important aspects of the publication.

The book review essay has to end with a sound conclusion which should summarize the entire paper, combining the summary with the interpretation. It will help readers understand the importance of the publication discussed in your work.

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Peculiarities of Book Review Essay Writing: Additional Tips

Some students, in their book review essay, may want to take some time and write about the content of the publication in the context of the time and place the author lived when they wrote their masterpiece. This may require additional research on the part of the student as they will need to look into that period of time. Rather than taking this route, other students opt to do a comparison book review essay in which they compare two different works of literature by the author.

It is essential that students are aware that they need to maintain flexibility when writing their book review essay. Remember, this is not a book report. Reports just restate themes, events and ideas that took place throughout the pages of the publication in a very objective manner. On the other hand, a book review essay is more subjective where the student is required to analyze these concepts and the way in which they were presented via literary tools.

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