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1. The poems of Robert Frost amaze with abundance of the literary devices and techniques, which contribute to their expressiveness and emotionality. Among them, a great role belongs to the epithets that are special adjectives which provide some emotional coloring to the familiar objects. The usage of this particular kind of literary devices can be observed in all poems written by R. Frost. The examples are “yellow wood”, “dimpled spider”, “harness bell”, “lovely, dark and deep wood”, “magnified apples” and many others (Frost and Lathem 150). Moreover, the author uses some metaphors and similes to create the intrigue and set the sophisticated mood of the poems. The examples like “as just as fair”, “to wear fingers rough”, “moth like a white piece of rigid satin cloth”, “a flower like a froth”, “to set the wall between us” and “he is all pine and I am apple orchard” bear witness of the rich literary style of the author (Frost and Lathem 22).

What is more, there are many symbols in R. Frost’s poetry, and one of the main ones is the image of the road or way. It symbolizes the life path that needs to be taken and finished. The wood symbolizes the obstacle which can be found on the road. Yet, the author is not afraid of it and is not trying to avoid the forests. On the contrary, he recognizes them as the challenges to complete on the life path. The symbols of harvest, crops and fruit mean the achievements people get in their lives. They can be either good or bad, positive or negative, pleasant or disgusting. In fact, the images and symbols in the poetry give the possibility to identify the main themes and motives. Thus, R. Frost paid attention to the subjects of human life, choice, lifestyle and the role of individuals in the world.

2. In my opinion, “Death of the Salesman” is a modern tragedy. When comparing this drama with the ancient and Renaissance’s tragedies, it may appear to be slightly awkward and pathetic. However, the new society and social changes allow us to perceive the “Death of the Salesman” as a sufficient tragedy, telling the readers about an individual drama of a main character. In fact, the modern tragedies should not emphasize certain abstract notions of nobility, grace and honor, as it used to be in the ancient texts. On the contrary, they should reflect the real sides of contemporary life and be familiar to the readers. From this standpoint, A. Miller’s play met these requirements of the new age.

3. American dream indicates the search for family comfort, financial independence and professional heights. On the one hand, there is nothing extraordinary or strange in these desires. Yet, individuals are often unable to define their personal interests and preferences, under the influence of media and social stereotypes. As a result, they spend their lives by chasing the useless dreams and setting the wrong goals. A. Miller’s play clearly demonstrates the uselessness of striving to the American dream from the prospective of a middle-class employee. The author states that such ambition may appear hopeless and desperate when it does not satisfy personal values and interests. In the long run, the searches for the stereotypic dream may lead to disappointment and loss of life sense. In case with Willy, pursuing the American dream brings him no desirable results and rewards, but at the same time, he loses inner peace and comfort. The author outlines the necessity to set right objectives in order to be able to enjoy every moment of life.

4. “The Death of the Salesman” describes an ordinary representative of the middle-class. It reveals that such individuals as Willy are obsessed with the idea of enrichment and winning the competition with their financial rivals. Largely, this idea explains the role of the middle-class clerks in the society who serve as the essential units of its prosperity and success while sacrificing personal interests and ideas. Interestingly, the society itself does not treat such individuals with compassion or sympathy. It allows them to fulfill their working tasks without giving them any opportunities for self-development. The role of these individuals consists in the improvement of the economic conditions and the maintenance of financial stability of the state. Frequently, such responsibilities do not provide any benefits for the workers, but merely deteriorate their health conditions and relationships with families. Thus, the play shows that the role of the middle-class workers, defined by the social standards and implications, is the key point of their personal failures and disappointment.

5. “The Trifles” reveals several important themes, the most evident and significant among which is the differences between men and women in terms of social life. The play clearly represents the difference in the perception and analysis of the crime, estimated from the female and male points of view. Moreover, it points to the differences in thinking, evaluating and summarizing the material about the murder. Thus, this play discovers the important gender issues and the role of both sexes in the society.

Additionally, it reveals the theme of supremacy and subordination. The play shows one dominant male character who tries to control other individuals in the room. Interestingly enough, his supremacy refers not only to women, but also to some male characters. In such a way, the author wanted to emphasize the theme of subordination.


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